Agent Orange Super Soaker

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  • Agent Orange Super Soaker


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Add A Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinders / Sifters

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Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinders / Sifters

Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinders / Sifters These colorful 4 piece grinders from USA manufacturer Aerospac ed are crafted from high-quality aluminum to give you consistently ground dried products every time! Inside each is a fine screen sifter to help you create pollens. There's a choice of 10 colors in 4 different sizes available in the drop-down menu. Features: Magnetic Lid Pouch Scraper   Check out our Grinders Collection!


Special Price $21.95!

Add A Groove 4-part Grinder by Aerospaced

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Groove 4-part Grinder by Aerospaced

Groove 4-part Grinder | Aerospaced The Groove grinder is brought to you by Aerospaced is one of the most innovative advances in grinder cutting tech in quite some time. This is a 4 piece grinder. Instead of using the kind of teeth we expect to see in grinders these days, it has a series of smooth grooves in the lid and a set of sharpened cutting edges on the holes in the lower section. As you spin the grinder it slices your dried products incredibly finely without crushing it all together. The result is a perfect consistency for dried product vaporizers and smoking alike. Made of high-grade CNC aluminum it is super tough. Available in a variety of colors so please select from the drop-down menu.  Check out our Grinders Collection!


Special Price $39.99!

Agent Orange 12oz:

Super Soaker / Glass Cleaner

This cleaner is the most effective and potent cleaning solution for your bowls and pipes. There is no elbow grease needed all you need to do is pour, soak, and wipe down. This cleaner is perfect for all glass types and wont leave you with any aftertaste or smell. You can also use this with plastics and metals. 

* Ready to Use
* Made with Natural Renewable Resources
* No After Taste or Smell
* Safe on Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Stone
* Reusable
* Contains No Alcohol
* Comes with Free Brush!