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Cali Crusher OG 4 Piece 2.0 & 2.5 Hard Top Grinder


The Cali Crusher OG 4 piece grinder is made from a tough aerospace aluminum casing, making it a durable grinder. The grinder part has sharp diamond-shaped teeth to evenly grind your herb and give a fluffy texture. The top has a strong magnet seal and the bottom layers are screwed on to ensure there is no mess. 


This is a 4 piece grinder. When opening up your grinder you will have your herb first pass through the upper teeth section to grind your herb. When it is ground to the preferred consistency it will fall through the holes to the stainless steel screen. At the very bottom, you will have a stash/kief chamber where you can store any ground herb.


  • 2.0”: 2.0” L x 1.5” h
  • 2.5”: 2.5” L x 1.7” H

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