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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

Those of us out there with exclusive taste are going to be drawn to the IQ2 Vaporizer by DaVinci. A sleek, portable vaporizer, with terrific vapor quality, an adjustable oven size, and dual compatibility with dry herbs and concentrates, users of this vape will find that many of their biggest needs are easily met with this device. 

As a dry herb vape, the DaVinci IQ2 is a solid improvement over its predecessor, the IQ. But as a dry herb and concentrate dual powered vape, the IQ 2 gives its fans an experience that is not easily replicated by other vapes. 

New features have been added to this incarnation, and vaping is an overall more pleasant experience thanks to the IQ2 by DaVinci.

How To Use DaVinci IQ2

1. How To Operate the DaVinci IQ2

You will be pleased to know that the loading process of the DaVinci IQ 2 is one of the smoothest out there. 

To load your material into this vape, simply open up the oven lid, where you will see a funnel-like chamber where your material will go. Using the included pearl tool, you can adjust the capacity of the chamber based on how much dry herb you want to put in - just give it a twist or two. After this, power on your DaVinci by pressing the power button three times. 

You will see the LED display activated at this point, and the IQ2 will go into its defaulty mode which is Smart Path. You can toggle between the Smart Path presets with the up and down arrows on the side of your device. 

For more precise temperatures, press the power button once, and you will switch into simple degree by degree mode. Use the up and down arrows to choose your temperature from here. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

You can get pretty great results with the IQ2 if you simple adhere to the policy of not overpacking the chamber. By keeping things more measured and moderate, air flow will not be impacted and you will get some pretty good results. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Cleaning duties with the IQ2 are fortunately pretty straight forward and you will not encounter anything too cumbersome. The loading chamber is easy to clean once you have it open; just use a brush to flick away debris, and use a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to give it a full clean.

Take your time cleaning stubborn parts, and be sure to clean the pearl as well–any part that comes into contact with particulates needs to be thoroughly cleaned! 


Quality is the centerpiece of the DaVinci IQ2–it is a luxury vape, and you can tell it means business just by looking at it. The real benefits of this vape come with user empowerment. With the IQ2, you can control airflow, dosing, and temperature in a way that is not often seen with other vapes. 

The outside casing of this vape is sleek to the touch, and this vape feels expensive in your hand; it has some weight to it, and the hits you will get with this device will keep you coming back to it for more.

Temperature settings

Adjusting temperature on the IQ2 is a dream. You can do a smart path, which are presets (there are 4 of them) that give you a range of temperatures that you can set yourself. 

Your session will start at the low end and gradually increase within the preset range, meaning terrific vaping flavor and clouds in 1 session, with each hit better than the last. You can also do precision temperatures by switching over to “precision” mode, using the up and down arrows to get the exact temperature you want. 

Battery & Power

Vape fans tend to breathe a sigh of relief when they see the words “replaceable battery.” No one wants to send back or throw out their expensive vaporizer prematurely due to a faulty battery. 

The far better option is to have a replaceable battery that you can take care of yourself, extending the lifetime of your device and giving you sound mind. This 18650 battery lasts about 9 sessions, or about 75 minutes. 

The Air Dial

A welcome development by DaVinci is the air dial, which goes a long way when you want to adjust airflow to something a little more wispy and flavorful, or something far denser and thick.

This feature tends to attract a lot of fans, as it is not often you get vaporizers with this level of customization. These days, customization is imperative. 

Who is the DaVinci IQ2 for?

The DaVinci IQ2 is for hip, knowledgeable vape fans who like experiences that are tailored to their needs, as well as the aesthetic pleasures of owning a luxury item like this one.

This customizable vaporizer is a god send for those of you out there who appreciate the ability to travel in style and have a vape that gives you a sense of individuality. Many vapes out there tend to value style over substance, but the IQ2 has the perk of striking a balance between both. 

Who is the DaVinci IQ2 not for?

The DaVinci IQ2 may be a luxury vape that accomplishes the difficult task of balancing quality with aesthetics, but this also means it is a bit of an imposing vape for first time users of dry herb vaporizers.

It carries a hefty price tag with it, and many first time users may find this a bit of a roadblock. Also, while this is a dual use vaporizer, it is not tailor made for concentrates, having noticeably better flow and comfort with dry herb. 

What is in the box

  • IQ2 Vaporizer w/Battery
  • 10mm Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Pick Tool
  • Dosage Pod
  • Ceramic Extract Disc
  • 9 Pieces Organic Cotton
  • 9 Alcohol Wipes

Tech Specs

Here are some of the technical specifications of your DaVinci IQ2. 

Compatible with:

Dry herb and concentrates

Heating system:


Chamber Capacity:

0.5 g

Battery length:

9 sessions/75 minutes

Charging time:

6 hours

Auto shut off:

Standby mode after 2 minutes


10 years


1.75" x 3.61" x 0.97" 

Temperature settings: 

Up to 430° F


The DaVinci IQ2 is covered by a 10 year warranty with the exception of normal wear and tear. 

Staff review

At NamasteVapes we immediately fell in love with the design of the DaVinci IQ2. We were especially happy with the presentation and the variety of colors.

Much like the iPhone, it makes you want to collect each color (even if the likelihood of doing so is low, as these are expensive vaporizers). We got great hits from this vape, and we especially love the air dial that helps us adjust airflow during our session.

The overall customizability of this vaporizer is particularly useful, especially considering the modest size of the vape. Compactness is great for travel, but it is also nice to know you can own an advanced vape that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Insider tips 

Q1. What is the main difference between the IQ2 and the original IQ?

An adjustable air dial, customizable dosing, and improved functionality and increased size/weight. 

Q2. Is the IQ2 Convection?

Nope! This vape is a conduction vape. 

Q3. Does the IQ2 have pass through charging?

It does, but it charges much slower this way.

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Andrew V.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Grate little device

I love this thing, odor is minimal, battery life is pretty good and it’s sessions are definitely nice and long. You can drain the battery pretty fast so spare batteries are a must. I love using the dosage pods to keep things a little cleaner.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Love the IQ2

I am glad I bought the IQ2, it was a great addition to my collection. I have the S&B Mighty, Crafty+, Pax 2, and many Dynavaps just to name a few. This one stands out like the S&B vapes and is without a doubt among the best of breed vapes. The replaceable 18650 is really nice. I load it, packing in the herb to the point where you get a sight bit of resistance from the bowl packing nub. This one is a bottom loader like the Pax 2 and you have a glass like path all the way from bottom to top of the air path. This one was designed very well. When I pack it in full and firm (not too tight) such that the bowl packing nub gives a bit of resistance at the beginning, I can start on 390 for the first cycle, stir and pack after the first cycle and step up to 395 on the next cycle, stir and pack again after 2nd cycle and then finish it out on a 3rd cycle (same bowl and herb material) on 400, I am really baked at the end. :) Love this vape and got it for a great price and quickly from Namaste, would buy from them again in a minute! :)

Joe K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Product

I'm 68, a friend of Cannabis since the late 60's, and this is the finest smoking device I ever owned. Brilliantly engineered, feels great in the hand, easy to use and maintain. Just holding this you can feel the quality, Highly recommended product.

United States United States
I recommend this product

The BEST!!!

I had previously bought the Micro after using a Pax 3 for over a year. The Micro is great so I decided to try the IQ 2. I LOVE IT! Holds lots of flower and the battery lasts all day. Recommended to a friend and they LOVE it too!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Vape......produces clouds !!

Excellent. Better than the miqro and that rocks too !!!

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer