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Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer


Standing at 9.5 inches tall or 13 inches with bubble attachment X 4-inch diameter base it is one of the bigger vaporizers in the category. Its weight is 1 pound 9 ounces or 2 pounds 3 ounces with an empty glass attachment, making it easy to move around. The Switch runs off of a rechargeable battery making it even easier to use anywhere. It has a variety of heat settings as well as lighting modes, all of which are controlled using three buttons and five lights. These functions are fairly simple, but there are more advanced settings once you get comfortable with your device. The advanced settings allow access to twenty-five different temperature settings and different light shows beneath the frosted glass on the top of the unit. 

How to use

Start by filling the glass bubbler with a few ounces of water. Making sure you don’t overfill so the water does not spill over to the battery. Stick your materials to the nail, if you are using oil or wax use the white ceramic nail and if you are using loose-leaf use the black nail. Once you’ve loaded the heating cup, attach it to the unit. Then, secure the glass top in place, and plant the carb cap accessory and glass loading tool atop the induction nail. Choose your preferred mode on the switch at the base of the device. Once it is prepared push the button and wait until it turns green, this should take between 3-12 seconds depending on the nail material. 

Heat setting

The Switch is using an induction heating technology which is an advanced heating method that uses electromagnets to heat up coils under the sleek plastic and glass. This design allows the Switch to heat up extremely fast with nothing else on the switch getting hot which decreases the chance of burning yourself. The Switch has an advanced setting where you can program up to 25 set temperatures ranging anywhere from 300-800 Fahrenheit  / 149-427 Celsius. Once in the advanced setting, you can set your own hold time. Ranging from 5 seconds to 30 seconds and what this does is trains the Switch to adjust the duration of the heating profile. 

Advanced mode

As stated previously, the Switch had an advanced setting. To get to that setting you will have to start with the power switch in the off position. While holding down the GO button choose either the flower or extract options then let go of the GO button. You will know you are in advanced mode when the first 5 LED lights illuminate. From there all you have to do is press the - or + buttons. There are five lights in this setting, with each light having five settings assigned to them. From there it is the same loading process as before. 


Leaf mode

- Fill the glass percolator attachment while removed from the unit with a few ounces of water
- Secure the glass percolator attachment onto the Switch
- Make sure the Switch is on the leaf mode
- Set the desired power setting by using the - or +. 1 green LED is calibrated for maximum flavor 
- Fully pack and compress the ceramic cup which can hold up to 0.35 grams of the product
- Place the ceramic cup into the glass top and cover with the ceramic leaf filter 
- Press the GO button, and place the carb cap atop the glass percolator attachment
- The LED will turn red when heating and green when ready 

Oil mode 

- Fill the glass percolator attachment while removed from the unit with a few ounces of water
- Secure the glass percolator attachment onto the Switch
- Make sure the Switch is on the Oil mode
- Set the desired power setting by using the - or + 
- Prepare your product on the loading tool
- Press the GO button
- The LED will turn red when heating and green when ready 

Crystal mode (additional accessory required)

- To access crystal mode your Switch must be in advanced mode. 
- Hold down the + button and power on by switching to either leaf or oil
- The front LED will turn white letting you know you are in crystal mode
- Press and hold the + or - buttons to change the power settings
- 1 purple LED is the lowest and 5 yellow LEDs is the highest power setting 


The Switch has a high energy cleaning cycle. The cycle burns away any remaining residue in the ceramic induction cups. From any mode other than crystal mode hold and release the + button. Press and hold the + until the power setting reaches the maximum, then hold for 5 more seconds. Release the + once the LED lights on the front glow red, this indicates that the cleaning cycle is running. To cancel the cleaning cycle simply press the GO button. Do not use your Switch at any time during the cleaning cycle. 


The battery life on the Switch is capable of close to 150 uses on a single charge. This, of course, depends on how often you use it, but for the average user, it should last over a week. The remarkable part is that it only takes 1 hour to charge completely. If that is still too long the Switch offers a pass-through charge. 

What you get in the box 

Switch unit
Glass bubbler
2 ceramic induction cups 
Silicone wax container
Ceramic flower filter
Carb cap
Dab tool tweezers
Charging cable and adapter 


Visit the Dr Dabber website to register your new vaporizer. The switch is under a 24-month warranty on electronic components, battery pack, and charging cable and adapter