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Dr. Dabber Switch

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Dr Dabber Switch

The Dr Dabber Switch is a dual use dab rig designed to vaporize your favorite dry herbs and concentrates using induction heating. With a wide array of customization options and fast heat-up capability, the Dr Dabber Switch is known for producing thick vapor clouds that are simply unparalleled in terms of flavor. 

What’s in the Dr. Dabber Switch box?

Here are the items you’ll find included in your Dr Dabber Switch kit:

  • Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Unit
  • Battery Pack
  • Dr Dabber Switch Glass Attachment
  • White Ceramic Induction Cup (Oil)
  • Black Ceramic Induction Cup (Leaf)
  • Dr. Dabber Switch Carb Cap
  • Glass Loading Tool
  •  Carb Accessory
  • Reverse Action Tweezers
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • Charging Cable and Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Easy to use design

The Dr. Dabber Switch sports a black satin finish that showcases buttons and LED lights on its sleek, curved body.

The three buttons allow you to customize your sessions with ease, and the LEDs indicate the current status of your device. Coming in 25 different color patterns, these LEDs are just as fun to look at as they are functional.

Once you learn exactly how the Switch dab rig works, it becomes super easy to use for producing thick, flavourful vapor clouds that you’ll love. 

Works with concentrates and dry herbs 

The Switch is compatible with concentrates and dry herbs, making it a high-quality, dual-use dab rig.

The Dr. Dabber Switch accessories included in your kit are everything you need to appreciate both substances, but if you’re interested in even more flavourful dabs, we recommend trying the Switch ceramic, quartz, and sapphire induction cups.

Wide range of temperature settings

The Switch by Dr Dabber offers 25 preset power settings that range between 300°F-780°F (148°C-415°C), allowing for flexible temperature control.

To check your current power setting, press the (+) or (-) button on your dab rig. To increase or decrease the power setting, press the (+) or (-) button again within five seconds.

Save your preferred temperature by pressing Go on your device, or wait five seconds and it will save automatically. The Dr. Dabber Switch has a five-second heat up time, so you won’t have to wait long before enjoying your session.

The temperature setting of the Switch dab rig is determined by the five LED lights, each of which represents five different temperatures. The LED colors range from:

  • Lavender (Lowest temperature option)
  • Royal blue
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Yellow (Hottest temperature options)

Induction heating technology

The Switch dab rig uses induction heating cups to vaporize your herbs and concentrates, so the product is able to stay isolated and free of contaminants. This helps your substances to maintain their purity, and you get to experience pure, flavourful vapor clouds as a result. 

Long-lasting battery life

The Dr Dabber Switch battery can provide 100+ uses on a single charge, making it one of the most impressive dab rigs in terms of battery life. 

To keep track of your vaporizer’s battery, check out the pink LED lights after selecting a temperature. They will indicate the Switch’s battery life, as shown by the table below.

LED light status

Battery status

Flashing pink LEDs


1 pink LED


2 pink LEDs


3 pink LEDs


4 pink LEDs


5 pink LEDs


You can use the charging cable included in your kit to fully charge the Switch dab rig, which will take around 1-2 hours. With pass-through charging, you can even use the Dr. Dabber Switch while it’s plugged into the charger. 

The LEDs will glow red while your e rig charges, and turn green once it’s fully charged.

Additional modes for customization

The Dr. Dabber Switch offers additional modes that allow you to further customize your settings, as detailed below. 

Advanced Mode

With Advanced Mode, you can choose between the 25 preset temperature options. Flip the power switch while holding the Go button, and the LEDs will turn multi-colored. From there, you can navigate every power setting that the Dr. Dabber Switch has to offer. 

Standby Mode

In Standby Mode, you can access 25 light settings to personalize the vibe of your session. Press and hold the (-) button while using the (+) or Go button to cycle through the color options. Release the (-) button to save a color setting, and enjoy the LED show.

Stealth Mode

In Stealth Mode, the glass top of the Switch dab rig does not light up, which helps to preserve battery life and allows for discretion. Press and hold the (-) button, then cycle through the lighting options until only the base is lit. Release the (-) button, and your e rig will be in Stealth Mode until otherwise prompted.

How to use the Bubbler Switch by Dr. Dabber

There’s a small learning curve with the Switch vaporizer, but once you learn its controls, you’ll find that it’s super easy to use. 

1. How to operate the Switch dab rig

For concentrates

Flip the power switch on your device to Oil Mode, then fill your glass attachment with water. Reattach the percolator to the glass top and select your power setting. Place the white ceramic induction cup into the glass top, load your concentrate with the loading tool, and press Go.

For dry herbs

Flip the power switch on your device to Leaf Mode, and fill the glass percolator attachment with a few ounces of water. Attach it to the glass top of your dab rig, choose a power setting, and load your favorite dry herb into the black ceramic induction cup. Press the Go button and place the carb cap on top of the glass percolator. 

2. How to get the best vapor quality

The Dr. Dabber Switch is known for producing high-quality vapor with unbeatable taste, but for best results, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right temperature and properly taking care of your device. 

The right temperature

For the Switch, we recommend staying within the cyan and green zones, as these should be perfect for producing thick, satisfying vapor clouds with the right balance of flavor.

But remember: lower temps will yield more flavor, while higher temps will yield more vapor. Finding the right temperature setting will depend on your own preferences.

Keep it clean

To consistently get high-quality, pleasant-tasting vapor with the Switch, it’s important you keep it clean and well-maintained. 

3. How to clean the Switch dab rig

Here’s what you’ll need to do to keep your unit and all of its parts clean:

  • Let your Switch e-rig cool off before starting the cleaning process
  • Using cotton swabs with isopropyl alcohol, swab down the unit, induction cups, ceramic filter, and glass parts
  • Let everything dry completely before using again

Self Cleaning Cycle

There’s also the option to clean the ceramic induction cups with a self cleaning cycle. This cycle heats the dab rig up to the highest temperature, which burns off any leftover residue. Here’s how to access this:

  • Press and release the (+) button
  • Press and hold the (+) button until you’ve arrived at the highest power setting, then keep holding it for another 5 seconds
  • When the LEDs start escalating in red, release the (+) button and the self-cleaning cycle will start

Dr. Dabber Switch Tech Specs

Compatible with:

Concentrates and dry herbs

Heating system


Heat-up time

3-10 seconds (depending on power setting)

Battery length

100+ uses on single charge

Charging time

1-2 hours 

Auto shut off:

Auto cool down after 15 seconds


37.6 oz


9.4” H, 4” diameter base, 2.35” diameter waist

Temperature settings

25 temperature settings 300°F-780°F (148°C-415°C)

Who is the Dr Dabber Switch for?

If you’re looking for a dab rig that’s capable of producing dense, flavourful vapor but you’re also a fan of vaping dry herbs, then we highly recommend trying the Dr Dabber Switch.

Not only is this dab rig perfect for fans of flower and concentrates alike, but it’s a great option for anyone who likes to customize their sessions, as it offers a wide range of temperature settings and options for personalization.

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I recommend this product

Super nice

Love using the dr dabbed the led lights fit perfectly with my desk setup, unfortunately my glass already broke leaving me to having to buy a new one already, will be purchasing the smaller version of the switch as the hits coming from the switch are so full and tasty. Definitely recommend if you are a habitual glass breaker and are tired of buying coils.

John M.

Was very happy with my

Was very happy with my product. Came rather quick and packaged very well. Will definitely do business with them in the future

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch