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Dynavap Omni 2021

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DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer

The Omni is one of DynaVap's best analog vaporizers. It dwarfs many of their other models in size but remains slim, discreet, and compact. 

It features the iconic DynaVap vapcap. This eschews the more common electronic heating systems in favor of something a bit more unique. This means rather than relying on battery power, you can use the external heat of a butane torch to quickly apply heat to the exterior of the cap. When it reaches vaping temperature, it will let out a brief mechanical click. 

Then you can enjoy the dense, tasty, and potent vapor produced by this innovative and compact vaporizer. 


The Omni, like all DynaVap devices, is built with incredible quality. This is a piece that has been designed and built to last. Its design is a testament to what can be achieved with clarity of purpose and minimalist design. 

With only a few materials, it is a vaporizer so stylish and striking that it leaves many more complicated and busy vapes in the dust. The quality of the Omni Really shines when it comes to its vapor quality. 

This is a very efficient vape. Its chamber can be set to two different load sizes, but overall, it can only hold around 0.1g. However, this is all you'll need for a strikingly good vape session. The vapor produced by the Omni is potent and dense, allowing users to enjoy some pretty impressive clouds. Best of all, once you get used to how the torch handles, you can enjoy incredibly consistent results each and every time.

Temperature settings

The DynaVap Omni doesn’t have an adjustable heating system. It is instead calibrated to work well at a single temperature. It will only click at a certain temperature after constant exposure to a butane torch. 

Battery & Power

This is a totally battery-free vaporizer! DynaVap pride themselves on their electronic-free devices. However, you shouldn't presume that means that these vaporizers are lo-tech, far from it, they're packed with ingenious design. 

Redesigned Tip

The Omni is the next step forward in DynaVap design. It features a big redesign in its vapcap. This new version is significantly heavier, giving it a heft that is welcome in such a compact vape. It lets you feel like you have a secure grip on it, and it oozes quality.

Small issues that cropped up with previous units have been ironed out, such as the exposed o-rings. This is no longer an issue, making the Omni far more resistant to daily wear and tear. 

The cap seems to have a better airflow thanks to the increased number of airflow notches, and it also seems to have a more secure grip on the tip of the device.

Finally, the adjustable bowl offers users a choice when it comes to the length and potency of the vape session they're seeking to enjoy. 

How To Use The DynaVap Omni?

How To Operate The DynaVap Omni

Before you can do anything with the Omni, as with any vape, you need to load it. This is incredibly easy. All you have to do is twist the cap off, and press it into your pre-ground botanical. 

Give it a brief twist to make sure that the herb is secure, and then you can replace it back onto the top of the device. Once it's secure, it's time to heat it. Get a butane torch and activate it, hold the cap above the flame, rotating it slowly so its entire surface area is evenly heated. 

You'll know it's ready when you hear a slight mechanical click. Put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a long, slow draw. When the cap clicks again, it means that it has dropped below vaping temperature. Now, you can either heat it again or put it away. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Omni is a fully self-contained vape that is carefully calibrated to deliver a fantastic vape session consistently. However, there are some measures you can take to ensure that your vape experience is truly outstanding. 

If you want bigger clouds, heat the cap for a few moments longer after the initial click. Once you get a feel for it, you'll be able to generate some truly incredible results.

How To Clean Dynavap Omini

Unlike many other vaporizers, you should keep isopropyl alcohol away from the DynaVap Omni. Its unique construction relies on a lot of materials that could easily be damaged by this harsh chemical. Instead, use vinegar, hot water, or cleaning solution to gently break up and wipe away any grim or scorch marks. 

Who is The DynaVap Omni for?

If you're sick of recharging batteries, fiddling with control systems, and trying to figure out the sweet spot of an electric heating system, then the DynaVap Omni is a must. This is ideal for those who want the instant gratification of combustion combined with the smooth vapor of dry herb vaporizers

Best of all, it's all in a single, manageable package! You don't have to worry about packing USB leads, charging docks, rolling papers, or anything else, the Omni is an all-in-one device. Its long tapering form is comfortable and easy to handle, as well as being effortlessly stylish. If you're a fan of minimalist aesthetics then this vape will suit you down to the ground.

Who is The DynaVap Omni not for?

If you like variety, or to be able to fine-tune your vape experience to suit your own personal tastes, then the Omni may feel a bit restrictive when compared to other dry herb vaporizers. The lack of an electronic heating system means that there is a distinct lack of any customization. 

On top of this, if you want to avoid all kinds of open flame, then you'd best look elsewhere. The Dynavap Omni typically requires a butane torch or similar device to work correctly, and to some, this can be majorly off-putting. 

Compare with other products

DynaVap VonG

The VonG is a similarly updated DynaVap vaporizer, however, it is far more compact and discreet than the Omni. It features the same cutting-edge and intuitive VapCap as the Omni, but its overall length is much shorter. 

On top of this, rather than being a one-material wonder, it incorporates wood into its design, giving it a tactile feeling that the Omni is sorely lacking. Best of all, the VonG has an adjustable airflow which allows users to choose how sparse or intense they want their hits to be simply by covering or uncovering them.

The VonG comes with a selection of water tool adapters, allowing users to connect it to a bong or bubbler so they can enjoy an added level of water cooling during their session. 

What is in the box

Device only 

  • DynaVap Omni 2021 vaporizer
  • Recyclable packaging

Starter kit

  • The Omni
  • DynaStash XL: Purpleheart
  • Z-Plus Dual Torch
  • 5 x High Temp O-Rings
  • 1 x Titanium CCD
  • DynaWax

Tech Specs

Compatible with:

Dry herb

Heating system

External Torch

Chamber Capacity



0.70 oz


3" x 1"


DynaVap accepts returns on non-defective products for up to 90 days. They also offer a lifetime warranty on 100% defective products. 

Dynavap Omini Staff review

I have a little experience with DynaVap’s unique vaporizers, but the Omni is truly next level. Firstly, I much preferred its long, tapering shape. This makes it easier to hold and offers a slightly better degree of cooling. This was a big deal for me, as I like my hits to be smooth, and it was great to be able to enjoy a hit from a DynaVap where I didn't have to resort to my water tool. 

As with many of its fellow VapCap vapes, the Omni is a breeze to load. I wish all vapes were this simple and intuitive! Heating, on the other hand, takes a few goes to really get used to. If you're using a torch then you need to get a feeling for how far back to hold the vape and how fast to rotate it. 

The vapor quality is magic. I can't believe that such a simple, straightforward vape can offer these hits! It's incredible and really makes me wonder if all the bells and whistles you see with a lot of dry herb vaporizers actually contribute to the end results at all!

I'd certainly recommend the Omni for anyone who wants something a bit different from the usual affair in the vape industry. 

Dynavap Omini Insider Tips

Do I Have To Use A Butane Torch With The Omni?

Butane torches are the most common method of heating the Omni, but there is another option. 

DynaVap has developed an ingenious range of induction heaters that use an electronic heating system to directly apply heat to the VapCap. This means you won't have to deal with any naked flames and can enjoy your DynaVap wherever you want. 

How Do I Store my DynaVap Omni?

The Omni is resilient enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of everyday use, allowing you to safely stow it in any pocket or bag. However, for an added degree of protection, you can find a range of clever storage solutions from DynaVap.

Dynavap Omni 2021

Dynavap Omni 2021