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Titanium Tip For DyanVap VONG

DynaVap’s new 2021 collection is the best one yet. Their VonG vaporizer is constructed with the wood shell we have all come to love, but now with fully titanium parts, making this VonG extremely durable. This new and improved DynaVap titanium tip for the VonG has a nona notch extraction chamber to give a more even heat when the tip is in use. This new feature also helps to control the extraction process in order to deliver more even and consistent vapor. 

A few more improvements include reducing the o rings from 4 to 2 so there are fewer points of contact for heat transfer resulting in a faster heat up time. The VonG titanium tip DynaVap also has an adjustable bowl feature with the option of two positions, making it easier to personalize your session. 


  • Medical grade titanium 
  • Doubles as a grinder
  • Microdosing

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