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Eleaf Mini iStick 10W Mod

Save 26% Picture of Eleaf  Mini iStick 10W Mod
  • Eleaf  Mini iStick 10W Mod
  • Eleaf  Mini iStick 10W Mod
  • Eleaf  Mini iStick 10W Mod


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Eleaf Mini iStick 10W Box Mod Product Description:

The Istick 10W mod is a small and the simplest version of all the mods in this family. It is approximately 2.1 inches in length which means it is small enough to fit in the palm and easily fits in the pocket too. It has a battery capacity of 1050mAh and it can take up to 10W. You can see the battery life remaining on the indicator at the top.

The mod is charged via a USB cable as it has a USB port. This one is usually located at the bottom of the mod. It takes about an hour and a half to charge the battery full using the 1A wall adapter. The mod comes in different colors such as pink, red, blue, silver and black. It is also quite affordable too.

Eleaf Mini iStick 10W Box Mod Features:

  • The battery capacity is of 1050mAh. This will last for long as you are vaping and can be recharged too while in use.
  • The voltage is 3.3V to 5.0V therefore you can vape as much as you want. If you want more vape, increase the cottage and if you want less vape, reduce the voltage.
  • It has been 510 threaded with stainless steel wires making it durable and stable. It cannot disintegrate even if it falls down.
  • The LED screen is large and is digital too. There are several features displayed such as battery life, voltage and wattage levels and number of puffs you have taken among others.
  • The voltage is adjustable just in case you want more vape of less than what is set. This gives you the freedom to choose what you want to puff in. it is quite simple to change the wattage as it is done via a button on the side.
  • The battery capacity is large and can last you for hours of non-stop vaping.
  • USB charging port and USB charging cable. There is also a wall adapter therefore there will be no inconveniences when it comes to charging it.


Istick 10W mod is quite small as it is 21mm by 32.5mm by 52.

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