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Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer

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Intro to The Exxus Snap

Cartridge-style vaporizers are the hot new trend in the vape industry, and it's easy to see why; it takes the already user-friendly vape design and brings it from easy to effortless. Exxus Snap is part of this new revolution in vaping. It is a tiny portable concentrate vape that allows users to enjoy all the benefits of concentrates without any of the mess or fuss of a dab pen. Instead, it has a refillable glass cartridge for easy filling that allows users to enjoy a whole range of different concentrates and essential oils without having to buy a host of pre-filled cartridges.

How To Use Exxus Snap?

1. How To Operate The Exxus Snap?

The first thing you need to do with a brand new Exxus Snap is to charge the unit with the included USB lead. An initial charge will take two hours, but from then on it should only take around 60 minutes. 

To load the vape, carefully fill up the cartomizer with your oil concentrate of choice and then screw on one of the included magnetic rings. This will snap onto the device and hold it in place.

To activate the device, press the power button five times in rapid succession. Cycling through the three voltage settings is simple, and can be done by tapping the power button three times for each setting. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

The Exxus Snap is an incredibly straightforward and easy-to-use device that needs little in the way of intervention to do its job properly. However, to make sure you get great, consistent vape experiences time after time, it's important to make sure that you keep the battery charged. The variable voltage features of the device means that the charge level of the battery is very important. 

3. How To Clean It?

This is an incredibly easy vape to maintain. All you have to do is ensure that you wipe out the mouthpiece after every few uses to keep it hygienic. The cartomizer is otherwise self-cleaning, but should still be periodically replaced should any build-up occur. 


The Exxus Snap is a compact, discreet, and well-put-together little device that does its job perfectly. Its design is simple, free from any potential over-engineering or design. Its chunky battery fits perfectly within the ergonomic shape of the vape, there are no problems with balance or weight. The magnetic lock for the cartomizer is an innovation of note. This makes filling up the device a breeze as it doesn't demand any fiddly threads. It simply snaps on, creating a sturdy, leak-proof seal. 

Temperature settings

The Exxus Snap doesn't have temperature options like a traditional dry herb vaporizer or even a dab pen. Instead, it has a variable voltage system similar to that of a vaporizer pen. This allows users to alter the amount of material that is vaporized during each hit or give the heating system a little extra boost for heavier concentrates. It comes with three voltage settings: 3.4, 3.7, or 4.0V

Battery & Power

The vast majority of Exxus Snap's body is given over to its battery. This heavy-duty lithium-ion battery requires a hefty initial charge of 2 hours, however, from then on it only takes an hour to recharge. It is fully USB rechargeable and should provide several day's worths of vape experiences. 

Magnetic Thread Adapters

The most notable feature of the Exxus Snap is its magnetic thread adapters. These screw onto the top of the glass concentrate tank and hold it in place when it's inserted into the main body of the device. It literally snaps into place, hence the name!

Who is the Exxus Snap for?

The Exxus Snap is the perfect vape for those who are more familiar and are only interested in casually approaching oil concentrate vaping. Its design, control layout, and even the way its tank is filled are reminiscent of a traditional oil pen. It is also perfect for anyone who wants as simple a vape experience as possible, it really does take all the barriers between the users and a vape experience out of the way. It just works. 

Who is the Exxus Snap not for?

If you consider yourself a real concentrate aficionado who likes to enjoy a range of different materials including shatter and wax, the Exxus simply won't be enough for you. This vaporizer is clearly built with a high degree of focus and is intended for oils only.

What is in the box

  • 1X Exxus Snap Battery
  •  1X Glass Cartomizer
  •  2 X Magnetic Rings
  •  1 X USB Charging Lead
  •  1 X User Manual 

Tech Specs

Compatible with: Oils, E Liquids
Heating system Cartomizer
Battery length Several Days
Charging time 1 Hour
Auto shut off: Button Activated
Dimensions 2.5" X 1"
Temperature settings Variable Voltage


Exxus Provide a 1-year warranty

Staff review

I was shocked at just how compact the Exxus Snap is. I expected something discreet when I first saw its images, but in person, it is so much more portable than I expected. This is truly one of the best everyday carry devices that I've come across this year. 

The next thing I noticed was naturally its namesake, the magnetic cartomizer system. This makes topping up the device a dream. All I had to do was pull it out, top it up, and then drop it back in. The magnetic lock is far more reliable than a thread system, and it totally eliminates the risk of misaligning any components. 

The vapor quality is pretty good, comparable to a commercially available vape pen. It does allow for a certain amount of customization thanks to the variable voltage, but this isn't a Volcano! Don't expect anything transformative.

Finally, the battery life is incredible, offering countless hits over a few days with only an hour of charge time! Heavy use will naturally deplete it faster, but if you take it easy as I do, then it should last!

Insider tips 

Q1: How do I charge my Exxus Snap?

The Exxus Snap can be charged with the supplied USB lead and any USB wall or device adapter. If you misplace the lead you can use any you have lying about, the U stands for universal, after all! 

Q2: What Colors is the Exxus Snap Available in?

The Exxus Snap is available in a range of colors including black, blue, white, and bronze. 

Q3: Is the Exxus Snap compatible with dry herb?

The Exxus is only compatible with oil concentrates, e liquids, and essential oils. It cannot be used with any other material. 

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Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer

Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer