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The Eyce Spoon pipe is another eye-catching piece to come from the Colorado manufacturers, Eyce. 

The chunky silicone design not only looks awesome but feels great in your hands. You're unlikely to drop it but accidents do happen from time to time and with the Eyce Spoon pipe there's no need to worry whatsoever. 

You can drop, twist and bend this pipe and it'll still look and function just the same each and every time. The 0.85 inch wide bowl can hold lots of dried products which is great for when you want to pass your pipe around. Unlike other metal pipes, the body transfers no heat so you won't have to worry about burning your fingers. 

The underside of the pipe has a poking tool and secret stash compartment so everything you need is all in one place! The bowl pops out easily so the pipe can be easily cleaned... you can even put it in a dishwasher. Once you've given this a try, we guarantee it'll become your go-to piece.


Lifetime warranty on manufacture defects on all silicone and plastic parts.

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