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Eyce Spark Rig

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Eyce Spark Rig

Since 2013, Eyce has been creating products for flowers and concentrates that are built to go the distance and bring a superior experience to every user.

This company has created its own product category of silicone smoking pipes, delivering efficiency, durability, and style in all of its high-quality pieces. 

The Eyce Spark rig is a dual-compatible, borosilicate glass piece that is protected by a platinum-cured silicone cover, making this the most durable unit you will ever use.

Durability isn't the only purpose of this silicone cover however, it is also equipped with battery-powered LED lights and a convenient storage area on the bottom to discreetly transport material.

This Eyce rig stands 6.5” tall with a sturdy 3.5” base and a 90-degree joint angle with a black flared mouthpiece and it comes with a quartz banger designed for concentrates and a glass bowl for herbs. 

Top Features of the Eyce Spark Rig

- Quartz Bucket

The quartz bucket on the Eyce dab rig is made from a fused silica glass form of quartz. This process creates a highly cross-linked three-dimensional structure which allows this bucket to be exposed to extreme temperatures and low thermal expansion coefficient, making them the highest quality buckets on the market. 

- Platinum Cured Protective Silicone Sleeve

The protective sleeve on the Eyce rig is made from platinum-cured silicone so that the piece can be transported with ease. This Eyce rig silicone sleeve is also outfitted with battery-powered LED lights that glow white and accent the glass beautifully.

There are a few more tricks up this dab rig’s sleeve like the hidden storage compartment on the bottom of the rig and convenient tool holders around the base. The high-quality Eyce rig silicone cover is available in a variety of different colors to match your aesthetic. 

- High Quality Borosilicate Glass

The Eyce Spark Rig itself is crafted entirely from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass for durability and pure tasting draws. This type of glass has silica and boron trioxide as its main constituents, making this glass more resistant to thermal shock. The included slide for dry herbs is also made from this high-quality borosilicate glass. 

How to use the Eyce Spark Rig

This dual-compatible dab rig is operated much like any other water bong or rig, the only difference is the unmatched high-quality smoke that the Eyce Spark dab rig delivers. 

1. How to Operate the Eyce Spark Rig

For use with concentrates, start by gathering your material and getting it ready so that you can quickly grab and drop them into the quartz bucket on the Eyce rig. Take a torch and light up the quartz bucket until it glows red. Use the included steel poker to scoop up your concentrates, then drop them into the bucket. Inhale through the flared mouthpiece of the Eyce dab rig as you stir around your concentrates within the quartz bucket, then clear the chamber. 

For use with herbs, start by giving your flower a medium-grind so that it can be evenly cooked within the bowl, but not have pieces falling through it. Swap out the quartz banger with the borosilicate slide, then add your materials to it. Take a lighter and light your herb as you inhale from the flared mouthpiece and clear the chamber. 

2. How to Get Cool Hits From the Eyce Spark Rig

For the best results from your Eyce Spark rig, it is best to keep it as clean as possible so that draws stay pure-tasting and smooth, and aren't negatively affected by left behind residue on the dab rig.

Make sure that you are efficiently heating up your banger and allowing it to start glowing before removing heat from the bucket. Lastly, try filling the Eyce rig with ice-cold water for nice chilled hits that are smooth and easy on the throat. 

3. How to Maintain/Clean the Eyce Spark Rig

Grab the Spark rig from its base and pull the glass outwards to separate it from the silicone sleeve. Allow the quartz bucket and borosilicate slide to soak in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours.

Add isopropyl alcohol and salt solution to the rig, cover all holes and give the unit a good shake to get rid of any residue stuck inside.

Remove the solution then rinse off the rig very well. Take a cotton swab to the bucket and slide to scrub off any remaining residue, then rinse off with water. Ensure the entire unit is dry before fitting the rig back into the mold. 

Technical Specifications




Borosilicate glass, platinum-cured silicone


Black, blue, pink



What’s Included?

  • Borosilicate Glass Rig
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Sleeve
  • White LED Light - Battery Included
  • Hidden Storage
  • Steel Poker
  • 14mm Quartz Bucket
  • 14mm Borosilicate Slide 
Eyce Spark Rig

Eyce Spark Rig