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G Pen Connect Vaporizer

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G Pen Connect Vaporizer - A Quick Intro

Grenco Science is known to engineer the most innovative, portable, and easy-to-use vaporizers, and the G Pen Connect is no exception! 

This incredible vaporizer rids the hassle of a torch and exposed nail as it is powered by a ceramic heating element that features patented reverse airflow technology delivering high-density vapor clouds.

If you are searching for a quality vaporizing device that heats up in seconds, will evenly vaporize concentrates, easily attaches to a glass piece, and can handle back-to-back sessions, then the G Pen Connect may be the perfect match for you.

How To Use the G Pen Connect?

From advanced to beginner, the simple design of the G Pen Connect makes it easy for anyone to use. Within seconds, the G Pen Connect can be set up and ready to go no matter where you are.

The Connect can also be broken down into three magnetically attached easily to clean components making maintaining this device a breeze.

How To Operate G Pen Connect 

To get started, attach the atomizer section of the vaporizer to a glass rig that is stable for an easier setup. Place this glass rig onto the bottom of the atomizer housing, attach the entire device to the open joint piece of a 14mm glass rig. You can then lift off the magnetic top cap and load materials into the chamber. 

Once loaded, make sure the top cap is secured and attach the battery to the magnet. Five clicks on the “G” button will turn the device on, three clicks will allow you to change between voltage settings, two clicks lets you select voltage, and holding the “G” button down will enable manual heating. The G Pen will flash green while heating and then turn solid green when it is ready for you to vape. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The G Pen Connect is equipped with three voltage settings to accommodate the preferences of each user. The G Pen Connect has a ceramic heating element, features patented reverse airflow technology, and attaches to any 14mm pipe for more powerful and tasty draws. 

Its spring-loaded carb allows instant airflow so that the chamber can be easily cleared as well. While inhaling, you can press the spring carb release to increase your cloud production.

The G Pen Connect also features an extended draw mode that allows for back-to-back sessions. This can be activated by clicking the power button twice and waiting for “G” to turn solid. For the absolute best vapor quality, maintain the G Pen and keep clean. 

How to Clean/Maintain G Pen Connect

There are three components to this device, the glass adapter, the atomizer, and the battery device. Separate each component of the G Pen as each will have its own maintenance needs.

To clean the glass adapter, remove it from the device and soak in a specialized cleaning solution for about 30 minutes. This will help to break down any gunk or debris, and heavier use and/or the longer you wait to clean it, the longer you may need to let it soak.

Remove from the solution and use a cotton swab to wipe down the interior of the glass adapter, rinse under water and let air dry. 

To clean the atomizer, ensure that it is disassembled completely and repeat the same process as the glass adapter. Cleaning the device itself is just as important since the build-up of debris and gunk over time can interfere with how the device functions. 

To clean, dip a cotton ball into a specialized cleaning solution and wipe down the device paying special attention to the area around the button and connections of the battery. Dry with a paper towel.



Created in collaboration with rapper and entrepreneur Berner, who is the founder of Cookies clothing brand from San Francisco. The Cookies x G Pen Connect Vaporizer is sold for a limited time and is customized with Cookies’ iconic shade of blue throughout the entire device including the Connect Battery, Tank, Housing, and Hemp Travel Case. 

Dr. Green Thumb

Designed in collaboration with rapper and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, B-Real. The Dr. GreenThumb X G Pen Connect Vaporizer is sold for a limited time and is completely customized throughout the entire device including the Connect Battery, Tank, Housing, and Hemp Travel Case.


Designed in collaboration again with rapper and entrepreneur Berner, who is also a co-founder of Lemonade cannabis store. The Lemonade X G Pen Connect is available for a limited time and is completely customized with Lemonnade’s iconic shade of yellow throughout the device including the Connect Battery, Tank, Housing, and Hemp Travel Case.


The G Pen Connect has a sturdy stainless steel build that is compact, durable, and suitable for both home and portable use. Each component of this device is magnetically connected for easy detachment. 

Temperature settings

There are three voltage settings indicated by color on the G Pen Connect. These include 3.1v, 3.6v, and 4.3v. 

  • Blue - 3.1v
  • Green - 3.6v
  • Red - 4.3v

Simply press the “G” button three times to navigate through these settings. 

Battery & Power

The G Pen Connect comes with an 850mAh battery. Depending on the voltage settings and frequency of use by the user, this battery can last 1 to 2 days. The G Pen Connect takes about 1.5 hours of charging time to reach a full battery and supports pass-through charging. 

Reverse AirFlow Technology

The G Pen Connect features patented reverse airflow technology that allows for higher quality cloud production as it allows concentrates to vaporize evenly and efficiently. This feature paired with the spring-loaded carb release allowing precision airflow control gives you the easiest and most efficient dab experience. 

Who is the G Pen for?

The G Pen Connect is perfect for both beginners and advanced users who enjoy a more simple design, with its one-button operation and 3 voltage settings.

This device is extremely easy to use and is equipped with an atomizer that accommodates both large and small dabs, making it perfect for a wide variety of users. The G Pen Connect attaches effortlessly to bongs and rigs to allow hand-free dabs making it ideal for sessions with friends.

Who is the G Pen Connect not for?

This device is not designed for those who are looking for a vaporizer made for dry herbs. The G Pen Connect also only has 3 voltage settings which may not be ideal for users who prefer a larger variety of settings. For people who vape more frequently throughout the day, the G Pen Connect may not be the best option for everyday use.

Compare with other products

Puffco Peak Pro

The G Pen Connect is one of the most innovative and efficient vaporizers on the market. However, it does include a few features that may not be ideal for different users. One of the most obvious is that the G Pen Connect needs to be attached to a separate glass rig in order to use. If you are looking for a device with a rig already built-in that will still heat up in seconds, then the Puffco Peak Pro might be a better choice for you. 

The Puffco Peak Pro cools and filters each hit with its borosilicate glass cone that contains a water reservoir. If you are also looking for a larger number of dabs per charge, the Puffco Peak Pro can last about 30-50 heating cycles which is more than double the capability of the G Pen Connect. The temperature presets on the Puff Peak Pro can also be customized via the android smartphone app.

XVape Vista Mini 2

A cheaper alternative to the G Pen Connect that also doesn’t require having a separate rig is the XVape Vista Mini 2. Don’t be fooled by the lower price though, this portable dab rig is just as efficient as the G Pen Connect.

The Vista Mini can be heated in under 10 seconds, has only one more temperature setting than the Connect does, and can produce high-density flavorful clouds. 

This device is another great choice for a larger number of dabs per charge since the battery can last around 60 heating cycles on a single charge.

What makes this device even better is its wireless charging feature that can be activated by the wireless charging pad or through power-sharing on mobile devices. 

What is in the box

  • 1 G Pen Connect Battery
  • 1 G Pen Connect Pen
  • 1 G Pen Connect Housing
  • 1 G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter (14 mm)
  • 1 G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter Connector
  • 1 Micro USB To USB Charging Cable
  • 3 Replacement O-Rings

Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heating system:


Initial Heating:

5-10 seconds

Battery length:

10-15 sessions

Charging time:

1.5 hours on average

Auto shut off:


Heating Chamber Material:

All ceramic


1 Year

Voltage Settings:

3.1v, 3.6v, and 4.3v


Grenco Science provides a 1-year warranty on their electronic components. 

Staff review

We love how simple the design of the G Pen Connect is and how easy it is for anyone to use. The ceramic heating element inside of this device allows for sessions full of flavorful and milky clouds.

The G Pen attaches effortlessly to any compatible glass piece and can handle back to back to back sessions perfect for hanging out with friends. 

Insider tips

1. Can you use the G Pen Connect while it is charging? 

The G Pen Connect has pass-through charging technology that allows you to use the device even while it is charging.

2. How long does the G Pen Connect stay heated after each activation?

The heat output of the G Pen Connect lasts for another 10 seconds before it begins to cool down again.

3. Can I leave my G Pen Connect charging overnight?

While it can be convenient to charge your devices overnight while you sleep so it is ready to go when you wake up, keeping your device charging while it is already fully charged can damage and reduce battery life. 

4. Can the G Pen Connect be used alone?

The G Pen Connect is designed to attach to glass rigs in place of using a torch. It does not include its own glass rig or water pipe.

5. Can the G Pen Connect attach to any glass rig? 

The G Pen Connect kit comes with a 14 mm male glass adapter. Additional glass connections are sold separately as male and female adapters in sizes 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

G Pen Connect Vaporizer

G Pen Connect Vaporizer

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