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G Pen Dash

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G Pen Dash Vaporizer

Always on the move? Want to be covert yet cool? You might just need to become a proud new owner of the G Pen Dash. The G Pen Dash is a game-changing, super-portable, budget vaporizer made by Grenco Science.

This really is a tiny vaporizer. It fits easily in the palm of your hand and is no larger than a pen. By keeping it simple, the G Pen Dash does an excellent job of creating the perfect vaping experience no matter where you are. 

The G Pen Dash features many of the bells and whistles of larger, more expensive dry herb vaporizers, but with a small package and price tag. Expect sub 30-second heat-up times.

How To Use G Pen Dash?

This is one of the easiest-to-use dry herb vaporizers on the market. We have covered all the user instructions you need to get started and ensure you have a pleasurable vaping experience. 

How To Operate G Pen Dash?

1. Registration

Grenco Science advises that you register your serial code on their website when you receive your new G Pen Dash. 

2. Charging

Ensure that the battery is fully charged. Plug it in using the Micro USB cable. Once the LEDs stop blinking, the battery is fully charged.

3. Loading

To get started, remove the mouthpiece and load your freshly ground herb into the chamber. The chamber can hold up to 0.25gThe device is not designed to be used with tobacco, liquids, or concentrates. Reattach the magnetic mouthpiece.

Top Tip: Conduction vaporizes like to be ever so slightly over-packed and a medium-fine grind. Pack it just enough so it is packed down, but not too tight to restrict airflow.

4. Powering on

Press the power button five times to power the device on and activate the heating. Press the button three times to cycle through the three temperature presets. 

5. Using the Device

Once you feel your device vibrate, it is heated to the desired temperature and you can start drawing from the mouthpiece. If you want to cancel heating, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

Once it is heated, bring the mouthpiece to your mouth and start inhaling the vapor.

6. Battery Level

During activation, the number of lights blinking represents the approximate percentage of battery power remaining. One blink = 30-33%, two blinks = 60-66% and three blinks = 80-100%.

7. Turning off the Device

Press the button 5 times to turn off the device. 

8. Unloading and Cleaning

The vaporized material can easily be tapped out of the chamber. The integrated air path and screen within the mouthpiece can be cleaned separately by removing the silicon insert.

You can soak these in isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water, dry, and reassemble.


Grenco Science is world-renowned for its top-quality vaporizers across the board. The G Pen Dash is no exception. Expect hard rips, tasty clouds, and a premium vaping experience all around.

The materials chosen are heat-resistant, durable, and also aesthetically pleasing. The Pen itself has a weighty, premium feel to it.

Temperature settings

As this is such a simple device, there are three power settings available. These have been chosen by Grenco Science as they provide an optimum vaping experience for the user. The three presets are Blue = 375°F, Green = 401°F and Red = 428°F.

The blue preset will give you the best flavor profile but smaller vapor clouds. This is perfect if you want to experience terpene vaporization at its maximum potential. Crank it up a notch to green for the best of both worlds.

This will see you getting tasty rips and still great flavor. Feeling crazy? Crank it up to red. It may blow you away.

Battery & Power

As this is an ultra-portable device, it will give you around 4-6 sessions per charge depending on what heat preset you use and for how long you use it. This makes it perfect for the daily commute or uses on the go. You can easily bring a power bank to charge it up whilst on the go for endless fun and adventure. 

Portability and Discretion

g pen dash portability

This is a vaporizer designed to fit snugly into a pocket. It is perfect for concealing and can make a great solution to living with people who don’t want the smell of smoke.

It will leave a slight odor but this can easily be sorted out by cracking open a window. You can take it with you anywhere you go but make sure if you are a heavy user, to bring a power bank with you for that extra convenience.

Who is the G Pen Dash for?

The G Pen Dash is for anyone who wants the convenience and health benefits of a vape but in a tiny, discrete package. You also don’t need it to do anything crazy either. You are in search of a compact solution to your vaping needs.

Who is the G Pen Dash not for?

The G Pen is not for large sessions with multiple users over long periods of time. The main reason for this is that because of its small size, it has a small bowl and a small battery. This means it is absolutely perfect as a compact, on-the-go device but will run out of battery after approximately 30 minutes of on time.

Top Comparison:

G Pen Dash vs Dynavap M

The Dynavap is a little bit taller but much thinner. They compare very well to each other, however, the big difference is that the Dynavap M requires a torch lighter which makes it take up the same amount of space. The advantage of the Dynavap is that it can’t run out of battery as it is not an electronic vaporizer.

G Pen Dash vs Flowermate CAP

The G Pen Dash and the Flowermate CAP seem to have incredibly similar designs. It is almost identical with the main difference being the button design.

What is in the box

g pen dash - inside box
  • 1x G Pen Dash
  • 1x G Pen Tool w/Keychain
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual 

Tech Specs


Dry Herb



Battery length

4-6 sessions - 950mAh

Charge time 1-2 hours

Chamber Capacity



Height 3.6 inches

Temperature settings

Blue = 375°F, Green = 401°F and Red = 428°F


Grenco Science offers a 1-year warranty. Make sure you register your product!

G pen Dash Insider tips 

1. Will my G Pen Dash create a smell?

Your G Pen Dash will create a slight odor. It is much less noticeable than the smell of smoke, however. You can easily crack a window open and it will remove any remnants of the smell.

2. What can I use the G Pen Dash for?

The G Pen Dash is perfect for use with ground dried herbs. We advise against trying to use any extracts or liquids. This will probably not result in the desired effects and could easily damage your G Pen Dash.

G Pen Dash

G Pen Dash

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