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G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

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Intro to G Pen Micro +

The G Pen Micro Plus has an understated design that counters the outstanding vape experience that it can provide. It hails from Cali-based dab pen icons, Grenco Science. These vape scene giants are experts when it comes to the field of concentrate vaporization. They have a lot of experience behind them and it shows in the immaculate design of the G Pen Micro Plus. 

It is a true modernization of the classic dab pen design philosophy. It is packed with incredible features and comprised of three separate parts. A silicone mouthpiece for comfort, a concentrate tank, and a powerful 8510mAh battery with the nearly universal 510 threading. The Micro Plus is compatible with many third-party cartridges, and to facilitate this, the battery is capable of distinguishing and making adjustments to suit the material that it is currently vaping. 

How To Use G Pen Micro +?

1. How To Operate G Pen Micro +

Grenco Science has practically perfected the user experience of concentrate pens, so loading the Micro G Pen Vaporizer is a breeze. First, remove the mouthpiece and carefully load a small amount of concentrate into the chamber with a tool. Replace the mouthpiece and activate the device by clicking the power button five times. 

You can cycle through the different temperature settings by clicking the power button three times. Each of the temperature settings is indicated by a different colored LED. You can then choose whether to use manual heating by holding the button in or automatic heating by double-clicking, automatic heating keeps the device active for around 10 seconds. 

When the device is ready for use, it will vibrate with haptic feedback. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Knowing the consistency of your concentrate is key to getting the best results from your device. Some oils perform better at lower temperatures than others. Although, those on the denser side, require higher temperature settings to get the very best vapor. As always, lower temperatures preserve the oil's flavor profile, while bigger clouds come from the concentrate. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

To clean the G Pen vaporizer, you need to carefully detach the mouthpiece and tank from the battery. Clean out the mouthpiece with warm water and soap before setting it aside. Clean out the tank by gently wiping it out with a q-tip wetted with a drop of isopropyl alcohol. Be mindful of the coils as you do this, as you don't want to damage them. Finally, after you reassemble everything, put it through a heating cycle to ensure that any residual alcohol burns off. 


The Micro Plus' tank is lined with quartz and ceramic, two of the most commonly used materials in concentrate vaping due to their rapid heat-up times and consistent conduction of heat. They are also totally non-reactive so they won't have any effect on the flavor and quality of your concentrate.

These materials work in tandem with a dual channel stainless steel enclosure that features integrated airflow for smooth draw resistance and decent cooling. All of these factors work so well that you can get flavorful vapor regardless of the temperature setting you're working with. 

Temperature settings

The Micro Plus has three temperature settings, each indicated with a different LED color. Blue, is the lowest and it sits at 375F. The medium setting that is indicated by a green light, sits at 400F. Finally, the highest temperature setting is 428F, indicated by a red light. These can all be cycled through by triple tapping the power button. When you are ready to begin heating you can either manually heat by holding the power button down or start an automatic heat cycle by double-clicking the power button. 

Battery & Power

The Micro Plus comes with a powerful 850mAh battery. This takes up the bulk of its overall silhouette and offers a serious amount of power, offering several full sessions on a single charge. When it does finally run down, you can quickly and easily recharge with a USB-C charger. 

Smart Battery

The G Pen Micro Plus' battery is more than just powerful, it’s smart. It has a chip that allows it to interpret real-time feedback from the coil in the tank, allowing it to adjust its output to maintain a consistent level of heating within the device. This means that you have a much more reliable read on the internal temperature of your device than you would with older batteries that would just sit on full output regardless of what's needed. This means that even an inexperienced vape fan can expect to get a lot out of it without any major trial and error. 

Who is the G Pen Micro + for?

The Micro G vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for oil fans, and those who want a straightforward and easy to use device. Thanks to its clever design and high-quality materials, it can create smooth, dense, and tasty vapor easily and consistently. 

If you want to get into concentrate vaping but don't want to spend hours fussing about with myriad settings, then check out the G Pen Micro Plus

Who is the G Pen Micro + not for?

While the G Pen Micro Plus is a fantastic Oil vape it doesn't have much versatility beyond that. It can't be sued with denser and more potent types of concentrate which may be an issue to some who prefer these materials. 

Compare with other products

Puffco Plus

Puffco is one of Grenco Science's few peers who can measure up to their incredible name. The Puffco Plus is a fantastic dab pen that has a huge amount of power contained within its tiny form. It is compatible with oils, wax, and shatter style concentrates and features three selectable heat settings to allow you to get the very most out of them. It has a unique coil-free chamber that consistently and evenly heats concentrate for predictable and delicious results. 

What is in the box


Tech Specs

~ Just a quick table. Examples below add or subtract as needed. 

Compatible with:


Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

90 min

Charging time

3 hours

Auto shut off:





4"x 2"

Temperature settings

375F - 428F


1-year warranty 

Staff review

I was initially impressed with how familiar the Micro Plus felt to handle. This little device comes with a hefty reputation, but when I picked it up it had a classic design that I was more than familiar with. The three part construction of the Micro Plus makes it a breeze to load, and within a few minutes of opening the box, I had it set up and already going through a test cycle. Loading it was equally easy. 

The fantastic materials used in the construction of its hank, combined with its generous airflow make it an incredibly tasty vaporizer to use. This is, without a doubt, one of the best vaporizers for great hits with a minimal learning curve. 

Finally, the battery is showing itself to be the underrated hero of the device. Not only does it feature a massive capacity. It also features a smart chip that carefully calibrates its output depending on the temperature of the coils. This not only preserves the quality of your herb but ensures more efficient use of the battery's charge.

Insider tips 

What Materials Can The G Pen Micro Plus Be Used With?

The G Pen Micro Plus is designed to be used with all types of concentrate oils as wells as some of the more viscous wax-style concentrates.

Can The G Pen Micro Plus Be Used With Dry Herb?

The G Pen Micro Plus is a single-use device that can only be used with concentrates. Dry herbs aren't compatible with its heating system.

Why Is The Tank Made of Quartz And Titanium?

Quartz and titanium are both commonly used materials in concentrate construction. They are notable for their incredible level of heat conduction. This is what makes them ideal for the temperatures that concentrate vapes operate at. 

G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

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