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The G Pen Roam is a portable concentrate vaporizer made out of a light yet durable aluminum alloy shell to help protect the full quartz tank as well as the spill-proof glass water tube inside. It has a quartz heating element with a coil at the button that your contrate never touches but helps in the heat up process. It has a pass-through technology that allows the use of the portable vaporizer while plugged into the charger. All parts of this device are held together by strong magnets so there is no twisting. 

How to use

Before use make sure that your device is fully charged. To turn on your new vaporizer click the power button on the front of the machine above the G logo 5 times. To adjust the temperature click the buttons above the LED screen on the side of the device. To get your vaporizer ready you will start with filling up your glass tube to the waterline. Once you have filled it up with water you will want to securely place it on your mouthpiece, and align it with the housing when slid back on. You will then reattach the battery. 

Open the heating chamber and use the loading tool to input your concentrate into the chamber. You do not want to overfill your chamber as it will overflow and clog the airflow inlet. Once you have chosen the temperature you want your vaporizer to click the power button twice this will begin the heating process and will vibrate with a thumbs-up symbol to let you know it is ready. Pressing the power button two times during heat activation will cancel heating. The tank can become very hot after back to back uses and it is recommended to cool down to allow your device to be cool enough to handle. To turn off your device you will click that same power button 5 times. 

Temp setting

The temperature settings on the Roam are very easy and can be adjusted with a click of a button. There is a digital temperature control and LED display ranging from 600 - 800F (315-427C) with haptic feedback that will let you know when it is hot and ready. The device temperature can be changed between 25-degree intervals and heats up within 30 seconds of activation. To go between F and C hold the power button and the temperature up button for 3 seconds. 

Battery life

G Pen Roam is equipped with a 1300mah lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and has pass-through technology. The charging port is in the front of this device and will take up to 1 hour to charge from a completely dead battery. The Roam can last you 8 sessions per charge or almost a whole day. You know your device needs to be charged when the LED light displays a flashing empty battery, and will not heat if activation is attempted. 


Bring your temperature up to 800 degrees and then go one more click above that to the MAX mode, you will hold the power button to allow the heat to burn off any extra residue in the chamber. Allow your device to cool for a bit before doing a deep clean with the ISO. To ensure that your G Pen roam stays in pristine condition you will want to separate the quartz tank, tank cover, and the air channels. There should be 2 air channels, one stainless steel central air path channel inside, flip-top lid of the battery to remove, and the silicone air path channel liner attached to the internal backing of the battery. Soak all parts excluding the silicone air path in ISO for at least an hour then dry with cotton swabs. Use a cotton swab with ISO to wipe down any residue on the silicone air path and battery. Ensure all parts are dry before assembling your vaporizer back together. You will again bring to MAX temperature to burn off any excess ISO alcohol. 


  • G Pen roam battery
  • G Pen Roam quartz tank
  • G Pen Roam glass hydro tube 
  • G Pen Roam mouthpiece
  • Hemp travel case with room for two concentrate jars, and an accessory pocket
  • Micro USB to USB charging cable
  • Loading tool
  • Cotton swabs


There is a one year manufacturer's warranty when you register your product. You will need your serial number which is located on the lower right corner on the back of the box.