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Grasshopper Vaporizer

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Grasshopper Vaporizer

The Grasshopper vape is an innovative piece of smoking equipment created by Colorado-based Hopper Labs. 

Thanks to its astonishingly discrete and elegant design, it has changed the way we view portable vaporizers. This is the latest update of the Grasshopper model which has been developed and improved for an even more impressive experience.

Credit to the design team at Hopper Labs, this vaporizer is like no other. 

Why You’ll Love The Grasshopper Vaporizer

If you’re looking for a vaping experience of pure stealth and discretion; you’ll love the Grasshopper. This portable vaporizer pen is built and designed like an actual pen and will deceive even the most observant eyes out there. Its design is so sleek and compact that it could lead you to question its function. Any reservations you have will be quickly expelled once you start your first session. The Grasshopper vaporizer provides powerful hits with large clouds to satisfy your needs. 

Grasshopper Vaporizer Top 5 Features

grasshopper features

The Grasshopper is the epitome of all of the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail of the Hopper Labs team. Each individual vaporizer is handcrafted, and it shows functional intricate detailing and high-quality features. 

1. Style & Design

The Grasshopper vaporizer is the stealthiest dry herb vaporizer out there. Shaped like a pen, you couldn’t ask for a more cunning device to consume your flower with. The Grasshopper vaporizer pen is thinner than your typical pen-style vaporizer. It stands at just 14 centimeters and its all-metal body provides some real weight and durability to its design. There are two options for the Grasshopper: stainless steel and titanium.
This innovative vaporizer pen features a dry herb chamber that has a capacity of 0.3 grams to rival any other. The all-metal air path allows for hits that are both tasty and cool.

2. Temperature Control

For a device the size of the Grasshopper, it boasts a range of different temperatures. It couldn’t be simpler to experience and switch between each preset, simply adjust the temperature by turning the dial. It’s one of two moving elements of the Grasshopper alongside the power button.

The temperature range of the Grasshopper vaporizer pen is 130°C to 210°C across 5 presets. Between these two temperatures, you’ll experience a range of different vapors and flavor profiles. The ability to switch between these experiences with such ease brings the ultimate sense of versatility to your sessions.

3. Unbeatable Battery 

With battery life like this, you’ll never be left powerless when you’re out with no charger to be seen. The Grasshopper vaporizer has a charge time of just 60 minutes. Once fully charged, you’ll have 40 minutes of continuous use before you need to charge it again. This may not sound like much, but this equates to about 150 hits. This means you’ll be able to enjoy between 3 and 4 full chambers stress-free. 

4. Compatibility

Here’s one cool feature that took us all by surprise with the Grasshopper. It boasts the ability to be compatible with a water pipe. This feature is perfect for those who’re passionate in ensure their hits are as cool as possible. The process of water filtration cools down the vapor. This allows for your experience to be beautifully smooth even at those higher temperatures. 

5. Warranty

The Grasshopper comes with a lifetime warranty. Yep, you read that right. Lifetime.
It’s something you will rarely see with any vaporizer product on the market. This warranty allows Grasshopper users to enjoy their vaporizer and relieves anxiety against any breakages.

How To Operate The Grasshopper Vaporizer

So let’s talk about using this discrete pocket-sized vape pen. We’ll cover everything you need to do from unboxing to your first session, then to cleaning and maintenance. 

1. How To Use The Grasshopper Vaporizer?

One thing you’ll be happy to know, the Grasshopper is blissfully easy to use. After unboxing it, place it on the charger until full. 

After this, unscrew the chamber cap and fill the chamber with evenly ground flowers. Place the cap on and switch the device on. You can turn the temperature dial to choose the preset of your choice. The general understanding is that the lower temperatures will produce a more pleasant vapor with a better taste. Due to the metal body material, short travel distance for vapor, and lack of filtration the higher temperatures can be harsher.

Amazingly, the Grasshopper vaporizer pen has a heat-up time of just 10 seconds. This is just about as fast you’ll get without a real flame and something that’ll minimize your waiting time. 

2. How To Clean/Maintain The Grasshopper Vaporizer?

Just as easy as it is to get the Grasshopper up and running, it is to keep clean and optimized. Its design allows users to completely dismantle this vaporizer into its individual parts. 

Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to soak these elements in a bowl filled with isopropyl alcohol. If this doesn’t quite do the trick, you can also use alcohol wipes to make sure there’s no residue left anywhere. Just set it all aside to dry fully before assembling it all again ready for your next session. 

Technical Specifications

Use With

Dry Herbs

Chamber Capacity

0.3 grams

Temperature Levels

5 Levels (130°C to 210°C)

Initial Heating Time

5-10 Seconds

Body Material

Stainless steel / Titanium

Battery Capacity

40 minutes

Charging Time

60 minutes




14cm Length, 1.4cm Diameter


Stainless Steel - 65 grams / Titanium - 56 grams


Lifetime Warranty

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Grasshopper Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Grasshopper Sticker
  • 1 x User Manual
Grasshopper Vaporizer

Grasshopper Vaporizer