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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

This stunning piece of scientific glass from Higher Standards is a perfect addition to any serious glass collection. 

The beaker is masterfully blown using durable medical-grade borosilicate glass giving it a high thermal resistance and has been given an extra-wide base for stability. Further heat protection is given to both the glass and the user from the 45° angled joint. An inline diffuser on the downstem filters the smoke into minute water cooled bubbles making it easier to take big rips. 


  • Beaker base
  • Medical Grade Borosilicate glass
  • Ice mold
  • Collectors Box

If you want to cool it down even further you can use the included custom-built ice mold to add perfectly shaped ice cube! Cleaning couldn't be easier, especially when using Higher Standards Tube Tops, ISO Pure and Salt Rox. 

This bong is presented in a crisp collectors box which is ideal for transporting and storing this beautiful piece.

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