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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker bong


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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker

This Heavy Duty Mini Beaker Bong offers all the potency and cooling power of a full sized bong but in a more compact and easy to transport size. Measuring in at a mere eight inches tall, this striking mini beaker bong is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass. This means that it has staggering clarity as well as resistance to thermal shock and stress fractures. 

Higher Standards is a brand that was created to provide true dry herb aficionados with the high-quality tools and products they need to get the very most out of their favorite botanicals. Their glassware is built out of the finest materials to the most exacting standards and is supported by a range of incredible maintenance products. 

The Heavy Duty Mini Beaker is the epitome of Higher Standard's design philosophy. It features a six-slit downstem, removable glass bowl, dual use beaker base water pipe, a quartz banger, carb cap, and a large dab tool. 

The broad base on this bong ensures incredible stability as well as a larger water reservoir for increased cooling. It also features a broad-lipped mouthpiece for added comfort of use, and ice notches for increased levels of cooling. Best of all, it comes in a sturdy reusable case. 

Top Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker Features

Dual Use

The Heavy Duty Mini Beaker Bong is a dual use pipe. This means that it can be used with both dry herb and dabbing concentrates. Out of the box, it comes with a diffuser stemmed bowl for dry herb. This allows users to enjoy well ground dry herb hits.

It also comes with a quartz nail and carb cap. Quartz is a super-conductive material that quickly reaches dabbing temperature. This works in tandem with the carb cap that allows users to adjust the density and power of their hits. Finally, the kit even comes with a dabbing tool that allows you to easily load the nail.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is the finest material that any bong or water pipe can be made out of. It is a special type of glass that is treated with silica during its creation. This results in an incredibly pure glass that is resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures. Making it ideal for the sudden changes in temperatures that is usually associated with dry herb and concentrate consumption. 

Ice Notches

The beaker base design of this bong is augmented with the addition of ice notches in its neck. This allows users to drop ice cubes down into its neck where they will be caught by these notches. When you take a hit, the smoke will flow across the surface area of the ice, cooling it even further. This leads to an incredibly smooth and cool dry herb or concentrates experience. 

6 Slit Diffusion

The dry herb bowl of this bong has a full glass down stem that features six diffuser slits cut into it. This breaks each hit that passes through it into a flurry of smaller bubbles. This increases the overall surface area of the smoke, allowing the reservoir to more effectively cool it, leading to an incredibly smooth and tasty result!

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker bong

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker bong