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Honeystick Beekeeper

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Intro to Honeystick Beekeeper

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper is a super portable and accessible oil concentrate vape. At first glance it works a lot like the traditional pen-style 510-threaded vaporizers that have a proven track record in the vape industry. However there's a lot more to it than just that. Its clever engineering has eliminated many of the bugbears and issues that many users complain about. 

On top of this, it is an incredibly sturdy and reliable little device, and its intuitive controls means that anyone can enjoy a solid vape experience with little mess or fuss!

It features an incredibly easy to use construction and design that is set at a single, perfectly balanced voltage setting that makes for a wonderfully simple vape experience. Finally, it has a truly impressive battery life, surpassing the majority of many similar devices

How To Use Honeystick Beekeeper?

1. How To Operate Honeystick Beekeeper

First things first, make sure that your Beekeeper's battery is fully charged. This is easily done with the included micro-USB cable. Once you've done this, it's time to get your cartridge ready. You can use any prefilled, or fillable cartridges as long as they are compatible with 510 threading. To connect them all you have to do is attach the supplied magnet and click it into the body of the Beekeeper. 

To turn the vape on, click the power button on the case of the vape five times in rapid succession. The LED light will illuminate to indicate that the vape is on. WHen you want to take a hit, hold down the power button and take a long, slow draw. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Beekeeper has a single voltage setting, which makes getting reliable, consistent vapor really simple. This means you don't have to worry about finding the perfect setting for your vapor, it's already there!

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

As a 510 cartridge vaporizer, this device is incredibly easy to maintain thanks to its simple construction. Far simpler than many other, similar devices. The main areas of concern include the mouthpiece, the magnet, and the point where the cartridge connects into the unit. These components can all easily be wiped down with some isopropyl alcohol and qtips. Make sure the device is 100% dry and free of any residual alcohol before you start a vaping session as vaporized alcohol is extremely bad for you. 


The HoneyStick Beekeeper is a fantastic little vaporizer that oozes style while also featuring some robust and stylish design choices that set it apart from its peers. The use of a 510 threaded connection is a master stroke that gives it a massive amount of versatility that helps it punch well above its weight when it comes to value for money. 

The HoneyStick ensures that the overall body of its cartridge is contained within the device. This ensures that it is fully protected from any drops and bumps. The cartridge is held in place by a magnet which makes sure that it's kept securely in place and totally leak proof. 

Temperature settings

The Beekeeper features a single, carefully optimized temperature setting that is ideal for most types of oil-style vaporizers. This setting is compatible with nearly every cartridge on the market and is perfect for creating smooth, tasty, and potent vape experience . This setting is set at the 3.9 voltage range, and this means you can expect a consistent and tasty vape experience that you can rely on.

Battery & Power

The Beekeeper is built around a 650mAh battery that allows for maximum battery life at minimum weight and bulk. This battery is fully micro USB rechargeable, and can be fully recharged from flat in around three hours. The low demands of its heating system means that it is ideal for preserving your battery life. This means you can enjoy session after session without the battery letting you down!


The Beekeeper is incredibly compact, sleek and low maintenance. This makes is an incredibly portable vaporizer that works incredibly well as an everyday carry device. Its design is also surprisingly robust and portable, this means that it is more than capable of standing up to the trials and tribulations of the life of an everyday carry. On top of this, its magnetic locking system means that it is incredibly easy to load on the fly with little to no risk of misaligned threading. There are few devices on the market today that are this friendly to the user on the go!

Who is the Honeystick Beekeeper for?

The HoneyStick Beekeeper is a great device for users who want something compact that puts as few barriers between them and their vape experience as possible. Its design, built around the 510-thread cartridge system, means that it is a surprisingly adaptive and user-friendly device. If you're a connoisseur and you want to make sure that you have every possible base covered in your vape collection, then the Beekeeper is a necessary addition!

Who is the Honeystick Beekeeper not for?

While the Beekeeper has a huge range of different advantages, it isn't the be all and end all. However, some will find it sorely wanting when it comes to their own personal preferences. For example, those who like to enjoy a range of different concentrate types may find it a bit limiting due to its incompatibility with wax and shatter. Those who like to switch things up with dry herb will also find the Beekeeper lacking. 

What is in the box

  • 1 X BeeKeeper 2.0 20W MOD Power Plant
  • 1 X Refillable Oil Vape Tank
  • 1 X The New, 12mm Wide Magnetic Conceal Adapter
  • 1 X Micro USB Charging Cable

Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

2 hours

Charging time

3 hours

Auto shut off:





L: 2.67" W: 1.1" H: 0.75"

Temperature settings

Fixed 3.5 volt setting



90 Days 

Staff review

The Honeystick Beekeeper is possibly the most straightforward vaporizer I've come across in a long time. Within moments of taking it off its first charge, I was vaping. This is one of the most accessible and easy to use pick up and play vaporizers that I have seen in an incredibly long time. 

The 510-Thread system will be familiar to anyone who has used a vape pen before, and this combined with its magnetic securing system means that I got it up and running within a few moments. There was zero spillage, zero mess, and zero fuss. 

Initially I was suspicious of its fixed temperature setting. However, when I was out and about, and using it frequently, I found that this wasn't an issue. In fact, it was freeing not to have to worry about adjusting the temperature constantly on my device or having to wait around for a heat up time to elapse. 

Finally, the all right great design and sturdiness of the vaporizer meant that I did not once have to worry about my device letting me down or backfiring even once!

Insider tips 

Q1: Can You Adjust The Temperature On The HoneyStick BeeKeeper? 

The Honeystick Beekeeper is carefully balanced around a single temperature setting. This is defined via the 3.5 volt power setting. This means you can expect consistent, and reliable vape hits. It also means you can expect predictable battery life out of each charge thanks to the consistent demands of the heating system.

Q2: What Can You Use With The BeeKeeper? 

Unsurprisingly the Honeystick Beekeeper is designed to be used with most types of oils, a type of concentrate that is also often known as honey. The 510-thread system also means that it can be used with a broad range of prefilled and refillable cartridges. 

Q3: Is The HoneyStick BeeKeeper Portable? 

The Honeystick Beekeeper is an eminently portable device thanks to the combination of its simple design, sleek and compact build, reliable battery, and robust construction.

Honeystick Beekeeper

Honeystick Beekeeper