Jane West 10" Beaker Water Pipe


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Jane West 10" Beaker Water Pipe

American cannabis activist Jane West has collaborated with the master designers at Grav Labs to create a beautiful collection of glassware that is sure to stand out in even the most extravagant of glass collections. The striking cobalt blue borosilicate glass is sure to catch the eye of any smoking connoisseur.

Beaker Water Pipe Features

  • Thick beaker base
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • 25mm thick glass
  • Removeable 14mm male bowl

Using the Beaker Pipe

This amazing piece of glass from Grav Labs and Jane West stands proudly at 10 inches tall making it a perfect all-rounder. Whether you're a daily smoker or someone new to the culture, the capacity seems to suit most people. With water added to the base, it makes taking those bigger hits so much easier as most of the heat is removed from the smoke.

This is also helped by Grav Labs fixed fission downstem which diffuses the smoke as it enters the water. By forcing the smoke into multiple pathways the surface area increases and comes into contact with more cool water. As the smoke rises it continues to cool down as it passes the Jane West decal on the front of the neck. The mouthpiece has been given a tapered finish which gives added comfort when used in a variety of positions.