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KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer

Delivering exceptional vapor quality from the dual quartz atomizer, this small portable vaporizer is just what you need for an everyday vaporizer. You get the option of 9 different colors all coming in a satin rubber finish making them easy to grip and handle. The Ice Cream Man (ICM) offers three different heat settings to choose from all controlled with a single button. As well as being simple to turn on/off with just 5 quick clicks to the K symbol.


  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • 510 thread
  • Leak Proof technology
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 10-second shut off

In the box

1 temperature-controlled battery
1 dual quartz rod atomizer
1 dab tool
2 alcohol cleaning pads
1 travel case
1 USB charger 
1 instructional manual 

Heating and Temperature

The ICM gives you three preset optimized heat settings the first is 350F, the second is 390F, and the third is 430F. These temperatures were optimized for waxy oils and other concentrates. Switching between them is quite simple once you have the ICM on it will start you at the lowest temperature that will be indicated with a red light. To switch from low to medium click the K symbol quickly 3 times that will be indicated with a green light. From there you will follow the same steps to get to the highest temperature which will be indicated with a blue light. There is a 10-second battery life to save from overheating.


The ICM is a hand made three-piece portable vaporizer with the battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece. The battery is rechargeable via a micro USB port, by screwing the battery into the USB and then plugging it into a port. The battery should last at least a full day depending on use and will take about a full hour to charge. The battery also comes with a lifetime warranty in case any issues with it arise. The atomizer is built with a quartz crystal chamber perfect for any oils or waxes. The build gives it a fast heating chamber which allows you to have the product ready whenever you are. 


- Rapid heat up time
- Easily portable
- Advanced atomizer


- Only three temperature settings

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