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Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

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Intro to KandyPen Rubi

The KandyPens Rubi is one of the stealthiest and discreet vape pens that money can buy. From start to finish it has been specially designed to allow users to enjoy powerful hits from a deceptively small body. Measuring in at a tiny four inches long, this device is shorter than most smartphones. It's also so slim that you can fit it into practically any pocket or bag. Don't worry, even though it's small that doesn't mean that it can't stand up to the trials and tribulations of daily use. 

Its OCell ceramic coil heating system generates consistent and tasty vapor. Its battery is temperature regulated and is calibrated to maintain the perfect vaping temperature for oil-style concentrates. 

Its pod is refillable and can hold up to 1ml of your favorite oil or e-liquid. On top of that, it's totally leakproof, so you can carry it safely knowing that none of your material will go to waste. 

How To Use KandyPen Rubi?

1. How To Operate The KandyPen Rubi?

Loading the Rubi is easy. First, ensure that you have selected a thin, fluid oil concentrate. Ensure that it is at least room temperature for easy pouring. Remove the Rubi's mouthpiece, take out the pod, open the pod, and press the syringe into the opening. Carefully and gradually fill the pod until it's halfway full. Then replace the pod and prime the device by taking three to five draws. 

**The Rubi is fully draw activated so you don't have to worry about any control schemes.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

The Rubi is already fully calibrated to the perfect vaping temperature for concentrates. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. 

3. How To Clean It?

Cleaning the Rubi is simple thanks to its design. Simply remove the mouthpiece and clean it out with a q-tip. The pod doesn't need to be cleaned. Instead, you can periodically replace it after a few months. 


The Rubi is part of a new vaporizer trend that focuses on ease of use, ease of operation, and simple design. It looks great, its minimalist design is as sleek and discreet as any e-liquid vaporizer. This goes hand in hand with its super-simple control scheme, allowing users to enjoy hit-activated vaping. That's right, you don't need to worry about control schemes.

Its vapor quality is great for its size. Providing that you use it with the correct materials, you can expect consistent and tasty vapor that is both smooth and tasty. Of course, it can't handle thicker oils or waxes, and if you do put these in they may overload the atomizer, resulting in burning. 

Temperature settings

The Rubi is automatically calibrated to work on a single setting. This should be more than suitable for the majority of compatible oils, offering an even and potent vapor.

Battery & Power

This is one of the areas where vaporizers like this shine. The Rubi features a 280mAh battery, which is small and light to ensure that this vape is compact and portable. On a full charge, you can expect up to 50 draws, which is more than enough for several decent sessions. When it does run down, you can recharge it in around 30 minutes with a USB lead. So there's minimal downtime between sessions. 

Compact and Discrete 

More than nearly any other type of vaporizer, the Rubi is discrete and compact. Its design is totally minimalist, betraying very little of its operation. Unlike some dry herb vaporizers, you don't have to worry about eye catching displays and LEDs. Even its pod is totally hidden by its construction. 

Who is the KandyPen Rubi for?

The Rubi is the ultimate casual user's vape. It is possibly one of the most accessible vape pens on the market today, allowing even total beginners to enjoy a vape session with minimal mess and fuss. If you dislike the complexity of dry herb vaporizers, or the necessity for specialized handling equipment when it comes to concentrates, then the simple tank system of the Rubi is a must have. 

Who is the KandyPen Rubi not for?

The Rubi is very much a one-size-fits-all vaporizer. It is designed to put as few barriers between you and your vape experience as possible. Of course, this means that you may find yourself with an over-simplified system that can't handle more advanced materials and vape experiences. If you consider yourself a concentrate connoisseur, you'll find the Rubi a little restrictive. It is also unable to work with waxes and shatter, restricting users to certain oils only. If you like to explore a wide variety of vape experiences, look elsewhere. 

What is in the box

  • KandyPens Rubi
  • 1 mL refillable Rubi pod
  • Micro-USB cable

Tech Specs

Compatible with:

Oil Concentrates

Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

50 draws

Charging time

30 minutes 

Auto shut off:





4"x 0.5"

Temperature settings



Lifetime warranty on the battery.

Staff review

This vape is a big departure from the dry herb vapes I'm more familiar with. I'm used to grinding up my herb and carefully decanting it into a herb chamber, selecting the optimal temperature, and waiting for it to heat up. 

The tank system and draw activated heating of the Rubi is much simpler to get to grips with and far easier to use. Once I detached the tank and filled it halfway with a syringe of oil concentrate, all I had to do was snap it back into place and it was ready to go. 

The draw 

KandyPens Rubi FAQ's

Q1: Can The KandyPens Rubi Be Used With CBD?

The Rubi can be used with any oil concentrate, even those formulated with a higher proportion of CBD. 

Q2: How Do I Clean My KandyPens Rubi Pod?

The pods aren't designed to be individually cleaned, rather they are to be replaced when they wear out from use. 

However, if the pod is steeped in white wine vinegar and thoroughly dried out before use, this can help extend its life. 

Q3: Can The KandyPens Rubi Be Used With E-Liquid?

Yes! The Rubi can be used with any e-liquid you can put into its tank. 

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Awful first experience ordering

Shipping delays are expected during this time, but I placed an order and the item was out of stock. No one notified me and it took me contacting customer service two weeks later to find out. Another full week later after asking to cancel, my order magically shipped. Will never order here again.


Hey Andrea, as this whole COVID chaos kicked off, sales have risen 10 fold and then we've been stuck with different products in quarantine. Because of the hundreds of orders daily and all the extra tickets due to COVID plus less employees, we were definitely in challenging times to say the least. We had warehouses closed down due to our own employees being tested positive for COVID and that also messed with our stock count. Naturally that's not how things usually run around here, we've been in business over 18 years and each and every customer like yourself Andrea are very important to us, so during normal times we ship same day. Hope you can forgive us and that your happy with your order. Let us know when you need anything new and I'll give you a killer deal.

Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

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