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Kannastör 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar

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Kannastor 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar

With this Kannastor grinder,  you’ll always know how much dry herb you have left thanks to its innovative clear jar body. The Kannastor multi-chamber grinder is modular by design and can be broken down into a slimmer grinder or even a storage puck for easy travel. 

This unique grinder comes with 2 different easy-to-swap mesh screens to provide a  pollen consistency for different preferences. The Black Multi-Chamber is made from anodized food-grade aluminum with a stunning matt black finish that is safe from bumps and scratches.

Razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth break down your herbs into the perfect consistency for bowls and joints and an engineered drop through design prevents your material from being over shredded. A handy pollen scraper is also included with your purchase.    

Kannastor 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar Features 

4 Piece Multi-chamber Grinder

This Kannastor grinder features a 4-piece multi-chamber design that allows you to get the absolute most out of your flower. The first chamber right under the lid is where the herbs are placed. 

Once the material is broken down to the right consistency, it falls down into the next chamber. This chamber is much larger, shaped like a jar, and is completely see-through so that you can see how much material you have left at any time. 

As the loose material sits on the mesh screen of this chamber it is being slowly sifted down into the pollen dish at the very bottom. You can take the included pick to scrape together the pollen collected in this dish to add to your bowl or joint for an extra kick. 

Adjustable Mesh Screen

This grinder comes with two different sized easy to swap mesh screens to provide a pollen consistency for different people’s preferences. Choose between a 60 and 100 monofilament screen and attach it to the grinder.

Innovative Design

This clear jar grinder features a unique design that allows you to break it down into a smaller unit. If you’re about to head out and need to bring the grinder with you, simply remove the middle section to condense it down into a simple two-piece grinder. 

If you just need an easy way to take your dry herbs with you on the go, simply remove all pieces of the Kannastor grinder but the lid and pollen dish to create a handy storage puck that can fit anywhere with ease.

What’s included:

  • 1x Kannastor 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar
  • 1x Pollen Scrapper
  • 1x 60 monofilament screen
  • 1x 100 monofilament screen
Kannastör 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar

Kannastör 4pc Black Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Jar