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Kayd Mayd Dugout

The Kayd Mayd 3D-Printed Dugout stands 3.5" tall, features an old school dugout style with a modern touch and comes with a metal serrated Digger One Hitter. Includes built-in storage space for poker tools. Made in the USA. Order yours today!

Dugout Features:

  • 3.5" 3D printed plastic dugout
  • Swivel top design
  • Built-in poker tool pocket
  • Classic dugout style
  • Digger One Hitter w/ serrated teeth included
  • Assorted colors (Note: Color may vary)
  • Made in the USA

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Old School - 3.5" w/ Digger

**Dugouts are designed with their own  unique color scheme and no two are alike.

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