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Yocan Magneto

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Yocan Magneto

Yocan Magneto is a powerful and compact dab pen that notably features an extremely forward-thinking use of magnets in its design. Many concentrate vaporizers utilize threading in their design, there are some advantages to these, for example, a level of universality that allows some thread sizes to work with any compatible component.

Unfortunately, this doesn't make up for some of its more serious drawbacks, which include the risk of leakage, misalignment, and eventual wearing away. 

The Magneto sidesteps all of this by replacing every thread with a powerful magnet. Magnets automatically click together to form a seamless seal, eliminating the risk of leakage, and they are incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that even the clumsiest dab fan can expect them to work perfectly. 

On top of these unique design features, the Yocan Magneto is a powerful and reliable concentrate vape that offers an incredible level of vapor quality, a staggering level of temperature flexibility, and an all-around fantastic vape experience. 

How To Use Yocan Magneto?

1. How To Operate Yocan Magneto

The Yocan Magneto is an incredibly user-friendly device, featuring a host of quality-of-life features. While its loading method is a little unusual, it is incredibly intuitive and easy to learn. Unlike other vaporizers which require you to use a dab tool to effectively load them, the Magneto uses the bottom of its coil cap as a dab tool. Simply pull it away from the rest of the device. Use it to grab a little bit of your wax of choice, and then replace it with the device. Simple as that!

To activate the Magneto press the power button 5 times in rapid succession. This will turn it on. To begin vaping, hold in the power button and take your hit. When you want to deactivate the device, simply tap the power button 5 times in a row once again. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

There isn't much in the way of intervention you need to do with the Yocan Magneto to get the very best from it. However, it is important to avoid overloading the device, as this can swamp the atomizer and lead to burnt material.

Also, when you are ready to take a hit, hold down the power button for a few moments before inhaling. This will allow the vapor to build up for a denser, more impressive hit. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Thanks to the magnetic linking system on the Magneto, cleaning, and maintenance are easy. Generally, you'll want to focus on the atomizer. When you’ve finished a session, hold down the power button to make sure any leftover residue burns off.

For a more comprehensive clean, disassemble your device and gently clean out the atomizer and its cap with a q-tip wetted with a small bit of isopropyl alcohol. 

You can also use alcohol to clean out the mouthpiece if you use a pipe cleaner. 


The Yocan magneto has a really solid construction. This is evident in the fantastic magnetic logging system, which gives it an impressive heft and sense of presence. It has a comfortable weight when you're taking hits and on top of this loading, it is super intuitive and efficient. 

The vapor quality is also striking and tasty, producing good hits. For the best results, it helps to make sure that the majority of your material is concentrated on the very tip of the loading device.

As this vaporizer is controlled by holding down the power button to begin heating, it can be a little tricky to get truly consistent results. However, with a little practice, you're sure to be able to find exactly the results and hits you want. 

Temperature settings

The Yocan Magneto doesn't have selectable temperature settings. Instead, it has a manually fired atomizer. To use this, hold down the button and take a hit, much like the system you'd expect to see in an e-cigarette.

You can adjust the power and intensity of your hit a little by altering how long you hold the button down, but this doesn't leave a lot of room for experimentation. 

Battery & Power

The Magneto features a 1100mAh battery. This is a surprisingly powerful battery for a vape of this size and combined with Magneto's heating system, can offer anything up to a few days of continuous use before it needs to be recharged. This makes the Magneto a great choice for casual users who will infrequently use their devices. 

Incredible Ease of Use

One of the biggest advantages of the Yocan Magneto is its incredible and intuitive user-friendliness. This makes it a fantastic device for casual users and beginners. The much-lauded magnetic locking system means to use it properly all you have to do is pull it apart to access the atomizer.

Loading is just as easy because all you have to do is remove the lid of the atomizer and gently dip it into your concentrate of choice. Finally, the Magneto features a single temperature setting and its heat cycle is controlled by holding down the power button.

This is a very similar design philosophy to a traditional e-liquid vaporizer, something that many users may already be familiar with. 

Who is the Yocan Magneto for?

The Magneto is better suited for beginner vapers who want a device that offers them accessible vape experiences and cuts down on as much mess and fuss as possible.

The magnetic locking system and unique built-in loading tool mean that anyone can pick this up and figure out how to use it without being forced to contend with small thread connections or external dab tools. 

Who is the Yocan Magneto not for?

More advanced concentrate vapers who are accustomed to a larger variety of vape settings, and slightly more advanced heating cycles may find the Magneto incredibly restrictive.

This device is intended for users who want a ready-to-go, all-in-one vape session that requires very little setup. If you want something that you can alter and tailor to suit your concentrates or even your tastes, then you may need to look elsewhere. 

Compare with other products

Yocan Evolve

A similar vaporizer from the Yocan range is the Evolve. This vaporizer is a significantly more chunky and powerful concentrate vape that is built for stronger sessions and more potent types of concentrate. It uses a dual atomizer system to comprehensively and consistently vaporize your dry herb.

This heating system is built for wax-style concentrates, leading to some incredible clouds. Like the Magneto, the Evolve doesn't feature a traditional heat cycle like many other concentrate vapes. Instead, it uses a button system where the users hold down the fire button to manually vaporize their material. With the dual atomizer system, however, it helps to hold down the button for around 3 - 5 seconds to get the very most out of it. 

Finally, the Evolve is a solid, sturdy device. It is more than capable of standing up to the trials and tribulations in the life of an everyday carry concentrate vaporizer. 

What is in the box

  • 1 x Yocan Magneto
  • 1 x Yocan Magneto Atomizer
  • 1 x Instruction Card
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cord

Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

Up to 2 hours of continuous use

Charging time

60 minutes 

Auto shut off:





1" x 4"

Temperature settings

Manual fire


The Magneto comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty

Staff review

I'm a pretty casual user when it comes to concentrates. I enjoy them, but I wouldn't use them as often as I would botanicals. This means that the Magneto was a pretty good vaporizer for me, as it would allow me to enjoy straightforward concentrate sessions. 

The first thing I noticed about this device, and the first thing I liked is how the magnetic components are so easy to separate and reconnect. This made loading the Magneto a breeze. I didn't have to fuss around with any loading tools, all I had to do was pull off the atomizer cover and dip it into my concentrate.

I was warned to make sure that I didn't overload the atomizer. The Magneto works better with smaller loads. This was fine for me, as I didn't want a big session. However, if you want a more extended session, you might find it a bit frustrating to constantly have to stop and reload the device. 

Controlling the heating system is simple, once you turn on the device by clicking it five times in a row, you can activate the atomizer by holding down the face button. This is a lot like an e-liquid vape in operation. However, I find that it's very easy to either 'undercook' your hits by not holding in the button for long enough, or to burn it by holding it in for too long. After a session or two, I did have a handle on it, but would still burn my concentrate from time to time. 

Finally, the battery was something I found pretty impressive. I tested this vaporizer over a week, taking a handful of hits every day or two. During this entire test period, I only had to recharge it once. That's pretty good battery life and more than good enough for a vape that would only see occasional use. 

Insider tips 

Q1: How Do I Set My Yocan Magneto's Temperature?

The Yocan Magneto doesn't feature a range of temperature options or a programmable heating cycle. Instead, the user can manually activate the atomizers by holding down the power button.

Q2: How Often Do I Need to Replace My Yocan Magneto Coils?

Properly maintaining the Yocan Magneto's coils is vital if you want to continue enjoying the best vapor quality. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to clean your coil after every one gram you put through it. It's important to give it a thorough cleaning. After several weeks of use, you'll notice that your overall quality will begin to drop. At this point, it is best to replace it.

Q3: Can The Yocan Magneto Be Used With Dry Herb?

No. The Yocan Magneto is designed solely for use with concentrates. Its heating system can't handle dry herbs due to the design of its heating system. 

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Chase B.

Customer service rocks

there was a mistake on my order. So they fixed it without question. They have the best customer service. I haven't used the magneto yet but its built solid and feels like it can stand the test of time.

Rosie D.

Very easy to use &

Very easy to use & clean. Perfect for one person use & traveling, thanks to the the spare compartment to hold extra product for on the go. There was no option for a 1/2 a star or I would have given this a 4.5 FOR SURE....because the unit does get hot to the touch.

Yocan Magneto

Yocan Magneto

Champagne Gold
Sakura Pink
Light Blue
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