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MIG 21 Klean Kut

This is the Official MG 21 from Klean Kut. The MIG 21 is made out of Acrylic Glass which is great because 95% of the time the acrylic glass bongs are shatterproof which is good because no matter where you store your bong you won't have to worry about it from breaking. The bong stands at a height of 35cm tall and it has interchangeable parts so you can customize it whatever way you want.

With the bong being Acrylic that means its dishwasher proof so cleaning it so simple, pop it into the dishwasher and that it, the only part you will have to actually have to clean will be the bowl. All you will need is some isopropyl wipes and that should clean it. Remember a clean bong will provide you with nothing but clean hits every time. Also, you should clean your bong once every 4 sessions or so.

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