Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush

Out of Stock Picture of Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush
  • Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush
  • Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush
  • Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush
  • Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush
  • Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong | by Basil Bush


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Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong

Brand new to NamasteVapes we are proud to be the ones introducing this beautiful mini tree percolated glass bong brought to us from Basil Bush glass manufacturers. This truly is a unique piece that features an elegant design combined with an ultra stylish color scheme. This bong comes with a deep bowl that doubles up into an ash-catcher. Also, this bong comes equipped with various design features that ensures you have the best smoking experience as possible, check these features out down below.

Beaker Bongs

This is one of the most classic style of bongs, the Beaker bong is aptly named after its beaker-like appearance and design. A fairly simplistic shaped bong, however there are a lot of added bonuses to a beaker shaped bong, number one being that the wider base to the bong makes it able to stand upright much easier and accidental knock overs happen a lot less frequently. These bongs are also great due to the simplicity because they are much, much easier to clean and maintain and they are also quite easy to travel with. This particular beaker shaped bong has an amazing design of clear and colored glass which helps to form an aesthetic delight.


Tree Percolator - Perfect for this Bong

Percolator bongs can come in many different shapes and sizes but they will all feature a percolator at the bottom of them. A percolator is a piece of glass that the smoke must pass through when inhaling, this percolator then dissipates the smoke and breaks it down finer. This action ensures that the smoke is filtrated more and can also aid in the cool down of the smoke. Generally percolators help to ensure to cleanest, most pure and cool smoke possible. These bongs can sometimes be much harder to clean and maintain to a high quality due to their complexity. Also, most percolator bongs will feature scientific glass.

This particular bong features a tree-arm percolator. Tree-arm percs can feature anywhere between 4 - 64 arms. The more arms the bong features, the more of the diffusion that takes place. Arms generally tend to be either open at the bottom or closed but usually always have slits on the side for the smoke to pass through. The smaller the slit is the smaller the bubbles produced which means a much greater diffusion. Also, the more arms there are, the more the smoke will be separated in the process this all adds up to much more filtration and percolation. 

Other Features of this Glass Bong

This is a fantastic bong and has many different features which aim to provide you the ultimate smoking experience. This particular bong comes equipped with a deep bowl which can be packed with a lot of material. Also this deep bowl doubles down as an ash-catcher which is really helpful. The midsection of this bong also houses the mini-tree perc which ensures a smooth and cool smoke.

Another great feature to this bong is its inclusion of ice notches along the neck of the bong. Ice notches are little indents in the neck of the bong which allows the user to drop ice cubes into the bong without them falling the whole way to the base. The smoke is then passed through the ice cubes which cools the smoke down significantly more and provides a refreshing smoking experience, particularly on those warm summer days!