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DynaVap NonaVong-S Vaporizer

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Intro to Dynavap Nonavong S 

The Nonavong -S is one of Dynavaps most discreet, compact, and convenient vaporizers. It is small enough to fit into anyone's pocket or bag, and sturdy enough to stand up to anything daily use can throw at it. Don't worry, just because it's small doesn't mean that it's fragile. 

Its' body is made out of aluminum with ergonomic wood inlays that make it comfortable and safe to hold. The star of the show is the vapcap, a specialised vaping system that draws great hits out of your herb without the need for electronic heating systems. So you don't need to worry about keeping batteries fully charged, watching LED displays, or bluetooth connectivity.

How To Use Dynavap Nonavong S ?

1. How To Operate Dynavap Nonavong S 

Dynavap Vaporizers have a unique operation that diverges from traditional electronic vaporizers. 

The first step to using this system is to load the chamber. This is incredibly easy and straightforward, all you have to do is remove the VapCap and put it down on a flat, stable surface. This will make it easier to decant your botanicals in. 

Next, place the vapcap back onto the top of the device. Now, light your butane torch and place the flame against the cap, slowly rotate the cap, heating the entire surface area. 

When the cap reaches vaping temperature the mechanism will emit a click. Now you can take your hit. The devices will release another click as it cools, letting you know that it's time to heat it up again!

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Getting the best Nonavong-S is a matter of preparation and heating technique. First, grind your herb to a medium-fine consistency to expose the maximum amount of surface area. 

Next, when you're heating it, gradually turn the vapcap and keep the flame to it for a few seconds after it clicks. This will help produce bigger clouds

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

The Nonavong-S is a breeze to maintain. The largest component of the device you have to worry about is the VapCap, as it comes into the most direct contact with your dry herb. 

Remove it and gently clean it out with warm water or a gentle cleaning solution designed for DynaVap devices. Don't use isopropyl alcohol, as this can damage the o-rings and other components. 


The construction quality of the DynaVap Nonavong -S is stellar! It is composed of hard-wearing aluminum with beautiful, ergonomic wood grips. 

The grip is a striking nine sided geometric shape and even the mouthpiece is made out of high quality wood. The body is carefully shaped so the air intake ports are situated around the grip, so the user can control the draw resistance of their hits.

Temperature settings

Due to the total lack of an electronic heating system, the Nonavong -S doesn't have any heat settings. Instead, the vapcap is built with a single, carefully calibrated heat level in mind. 

You reach this by heating the exterior of the cap with a butane torch until it emits a mechanical click. 

This vaping temperature tends to hover around the 300°F mark. With time and a bit of experience, you'll find that you can work out how to get the exact vape experience you want by feeling out the sessions and how long you should keep the flame to the tip. 

Battery & Power

The Nonavong -S is a totally battery-free device. There are no wires, no batteries, no LEDs, and no recharge time! 


The VapCap is what makes the Nonavong -S and every other Dynavap device so unique. It is a clear bit of engineering that allows users to get incredible vape sessions without any electronic components. 

Its outer shell is called a captive cap, and it is composed of conductive materials that transfer the heat evenly into the herb chamber. This chamber can be adjusted between two different load sizes, depending on how big you want your session to be. 

When you apply heat to the exterior of this device it will let you know when it reaches vaping temperature with a distinctive mechanical click!

Who is the Dynavap Nonavong S for?

The NonaVong-S is for vapers who want to free themselves from the hassle and fuss of electronic heating systems. You won't have to worry about charging leads, battery levels, or fiddling with the temperature control systems. 

Instead, all you need is a butane torch and your herb. On top of this, the Nonavong -S features a striking and distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from nearly anything else on the market. It is also incredibly discreet, perfect for anyone who likes to keep their sessions low-key. 

Finally, its lack of rare earth minerals and the use of sustainable materials like wood means that this is a very eco-friendly product.

Who is the Dynavap Nonavong S not for?

Users who like the variety and precision offered by electronic heating systems will find little to write home about in the Nonavong-S. On top of this, this device is totally incompatible with many of the modern vape features, so if you're a gadget enthusiast then you'll find little to gush over here. 

On top of this, VapCaps aren't compatible with concentrate, so users who like to mix it up with different materials will have to look elsewhere. 

What is in the box

  • Nonavong-S
  • Plastic Case
  • Manual

Tech Specs

Compatible with:

Dry Herb

Heating system:


Chamber Capacity:


Battery length:


Charging time:


Auto shut off:






Temperature settings: 



2 Years 

Staff review

The DynaVap Nonavong-S is certainly a departure from a lot of the devices that I'm used to. My main vape has been a Pax 3 for years, so I'm used to pairing it up to an iPhone so I can get the session I want. This does mean that I have to worry about keeping two batteries fully charged whenever I want to enjoy a session (three if you count my airpods). I'm not gonna lie, this is a pain sometimes. 

The Nonavong-S totally eliminates this problem. I was skeptical at first, but once I had it packed it was very intuitive to get a great session out of it. All I needed to do was gradually apply the heat by slowly turning the device. I thought this would take some time, but after less than thirty seconds it was ready. As soon as I heard the click, I knew it was ready. 

The vapor was great! Surprisingly so. I didn't expect this level of vapor quality so quickly and after putting in so little effort. I took a few hits before it let out another click, then all I had to do was apply a little more heat. 

This is such a breeze to use I found myself coming back to it time and time again! I can't tell you the amount of times my session has been ruined because of flat batteries, and when I'm away from an outlet I can't shake this 'race against the clock' feeling. The Nonavong-S was ready when I was, and sometimes you just can't beat that. 

Insider tips

Q1. How do I Heat The DynaVap NonaVong-S?

A butane torch is the most common way to heat up the VapCap. Regular lighters simply can't reach the temperatures this device needs. However, DynaVap offers an alternative in the form of a range of induction heaters that give you a rechargeable alternative.

Q2. How Can I Store my DynaVap NonaVong-S?

The NonaVong-S comes with a sturdy plastic case, and it can also be stored in any of DynaVap's range of sustainable wooden storage boxes. 

Q3. Can I Use My DynaVap NonaVong-S With Concentrates?

The NonaVong-S is designed for use with dry herb, while some concentrates can be used in it, you'll run the risk of clogging it. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before using any new materials. 

DynaVap NonaVong-S Vaporizer

DynaVap NonaVong-S Vaporizer

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