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The Fury Edge: A QUICK INTRO

Forget your gimmicks and your cutting edge design, what you want is a vape that works well, has a whole lot of power, and gives you some impressive clouds. That’s why you want the Fury Edge. This vaporizer eschews a lot of the eratta that other vaporizers market themselves with, instead it offers you solid, reliable performance, and incredible vapor production for its size. 

On top of that, it comes with a range of mouthpieces that let you enjoy smooth, untainted hits and even allow you to use it with a water tool! 

This is solid, and reliable vaping perfected. 

What's In The Box:

Fury Edge

Protective cover

One glass attachment

One plastic mouthpiece

Wax and cleaning tool

One stainless steel wax pad

Cleaning brush

O-ring and screen set


Wall adapter

USB-C charging cable


The Fury Edge 2 TECH SPECS

Here’s what’s going on inside the FUry Edge


Compatible With: 

Dry Herb and concentrate


2 “ x 1.1 “ x 3.6 “


5.6 oz

Chamber Capacity:


Heating System:




Battery Life:

Up to 90 minutes 

Charging Time:

90 minutes 

Temperature Range:

320°F to 430°F (

Temperature Display:

LED screen

Auto Shut Off:


Smartphone Compatibility:



1 Year warranty 

The Fury Edge Vape: 5 KEY FEATURES

The Fury Edge was clearly designed carefully and thoughtfully with a huge level of utility and reliability in mind. Its design doesn't’ break many conventions, rather it takes long held assumptions and pushes the envelope; bringing them to the next level. 

1. Design

The Fury Edge is a solid, compact and comfortable little vaporizer. It features a comfortable, rectangular design that should be instantly familiar to any vape fans out there. However, it sets itself apart from a lot of the competition by being a little more square. This may seem minor, but in a world of featureless black rectangles, any unique twists are much appreciated. Another advantage of its wider build is that it will be nearly totally concealed in the palm of your hand. Its compact size has been compared to a pager, which for many of our younger readers (like, younger than 40) was a small belt-mounted cell device. 

It features an asymmetrical sloped top that comfortably accommodates any of the mouthpieces included in the kit, making it comfortable and easy to hit. The Fury Edge has a comfortable satin finish with some amount of grip. This doesn’t smudge too easily but will need a little bit of maintenance from time to time to prevent the build up of dust and fingerprints.

Finally, the Edge features an intuitive temperature control system with up and town temperature buttons mounted on the side of the device. You can see exactly what’s going on inside your device with the clear, broad screen mounted on the top of the device, and when the Edge reaches vaping temperature, it’ll let you know via haptic feedback 

2. Glass Airpath

One of the most notable features of the Fury Edge is its glass airpath. You can even see it thanks to the small, stylish cut out on the mouthpiece assembly. This airpath is fantastic as it means that your vapor’s unique flavor will be preserved. On top of this, the Fury Edge also comes with an optional glass mouthpiece, you can enjoy pure, untainted hits easily and comfortably. 

3. Stainless Steel Oven

The Fury Edge features a fantastic oven made out of high quality stainless steel. This material helps ensure even heating, consistent vapor, and is easy to clean. Stainless steel is also a non-reactive material, this means that when it is heated, it won’t emit any nasty tastes or smells, making it perfect for preserving the flavour of your herb. Finally, the Fury Edge is compatible with small steel flavor chambers, these make loading your chamber a breeze and also mean that you won’t have to clean it nearly as much!

4. Water Tool Adapter

Water tools are rapidly becoming the must have accessory for vape fans. It allows you to use your vaporizer with a glass bong for some next-level watercooled hits. For the vast majority of vapes on the market, a water tool adapter is an expensive after-market accessory. However, the Fury Edge comes out of the box with this incredible addition, allowing you to enjoy watercooled hits straight away. 

5. Hybrid Heating

Many vaporizers specialize in one of two heating systems; conduction or convection. Conduction applies heat directly to the surface area of your dry herb and is renowned for having a super-fast heat up time. Convection, on the other hand, heats the air surrounding the herb. Like an oven, it gradually bakes the vapor out, creating the dense and potent clouds for which it is known. 

The Fury Edge uses both of these heating systems in concert, guaranteeing super-fast heat up times and great vapor quality. The Edge is a bit of a stand out in how it can produce some pretty hefty clouds for its size, this vape truly punches above its weight. 

The Fury Edge: HOW TO USE IT

The Fury Edge is a compact vaporizer, but it comes with an intuitive control scheme that is straightforward and easy to use. To activate the device simply tap on the power button three times in a row. This will cause the vape to spring into life and start heating. To control the temperature of the chamber use the up and down arrows to precisely adjust the settings. The easy to read screen means that adjusting the temperature to the precise degree you need is easy. The Fury has a five minute auto-shut off that will kick in to help preserve the battery and herb in the device. 

  • Loading the Fury Edge: This is one of the simpeler vapes on the market when it comes to loading it. To start, snap the mouthpiece off to expose the chamber. Then, carefully decant your herb into the chamber. Replace the mouthpiece and you’re ready to go! 
  • Getting Best Vapor Quality with Fury Edge: While the Fury Edge is a hybrid vaporizer, it is best to prep your herb as though you have a convection vape. Be sure to grind your herb to a medium consistency and pack it to a medium density. This will allow air to flow freely through your herb and vaporize it evenly. 
  • Cleaning the Fury Edge: The Fury Edge is super easy to clean. First, pop off the mouthpiece and turn it over to expose the blue O-ring. Pop this off to remove the screen and expose the glass airpath. It’s best to soak the screen and O-ing in alcohol, and to use a q-tip to gently clean out the inside of the airpath. Then, using another q-tip, gently clean out the inside of the chamber wiping away any grime. Put the device through a heating cycle to purge it of any residual alcohol, and then 


The Fury Edge is a fantastic vaporizer that finds itself in the same bracket as the Boundless CFC. It is dependable, gives greave vapor hits, but there are a few bumps here and there that are ironed out at slightly higher categories. 

Over all, the Fury Edge is a vaporizer for either beginners, or for those who have desktop vapes or bongs, and who want to have something on hand that lets them enjoy herbs when they’re out and about. This is a solid piece of kit, and with careful use, it can perform as well as some premium vapes.