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Puffco Peak

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Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is a dab concentrate vaporizer that produces potent, powerful vapor clouds with excellent flavor. Designed to function as a desktop vape but portable enough to transport around, the Puffco Peak is a versatile unit that can work for any dabber’s lifestyle. 

With its all-ceramic bowl and intelligent temperature calibration, the Puffco Peak is designed to give you personalized, high-quality dabbing sessions whether you’re at home or on-the go.

What’s in the box?

  • Peak by Puffco Dab Rig 
  •  Atomizer
  • Carrying Case
  • Loading Tool
  • Tether
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl
  • Micro USB Cable + Supercharger
  • Cleaning Swabs 

Easy to use, portable design

The Peak is more than just a desktop dab rig, as it’s compact enough to be a handheld unit and even comes with its own carrying case. The pyramid shape atop the rugged silicone base makes this e rig visually pleasing enough to place on a desktop, but durable enough to take on-the-go.

With its one button-control system and LED light band, dabbers can easily customize their sessions from their heat setting to session duration.

Four temperature settings

The Peak heating system offers four preset temperatures designed to help you find your ideal dabbing experience. Ranging from 450°F-600°F (232°C-315°C), the temperature of your device can be determined by the LED colors, as exemplified by the table below.

LED color

Heat setting

Degrees in Fahrenheit

Degrees in Celsius

















Press the button on your device to toggle through temperature settings, then double click to set the temperature. With an impressively fast heat-up time, this Puffco rig only takes about 20 seconds to reach the desired temp so that you can start your dabbing sesh. 

Sesh Mode for extended sessions

With Session Mode, you’re able to extend the length of your session as it’s starting to wind down. To activate Sesh Mode, simply double click the button on your dab rig. This will increase the session duration by another 15 seconds, giving you more time to dab. 

There’s no limit to how many times you can keep lengthening your session - just double click the button as many times as you want until you’re done.

This feature is ideal for heavy hitters, fans of longer sessions, and anyone who likes bringing their e-rigs to social gatherings to share with friends.

Good battery life

The Peak Puffco rig battery life provides a decent average of 30 dabs per charge. When the LEDs flash red three times, this means it’s time to plug your rig in for another charging sesh.

Use the supercharger included in your kit to get the Peak back to 100% in just two hours, or use the micro USB cable for optimal convenience.

Note: You can check the remaining battery life of your e-rig at any time by pressing the button three times. 

How to use the Puffco rig

The user-friendly interface of the Peak electric dab rig features one- button functionality and LED lights for easy navigation of the unit. 

1. How to operate the Peak dab rig

Fill the glass stem with water until it’s just above the air holes, then line up the inlet hole on the front of the glass with the atomizer.

Push the front part of the glass into the base, then push the back part into the base. Hold the button for three seconds to turn on your device, then set the temperature.

Load the concentrate into the bottom surface of the ceramic bowl with the loading tool. Then, place the carb cap on top of the atomizer, double click to get your device heating up, and get ready to start dabbing. 

When the e-rig has reached its set temperature, the LEDs will flash three times and the unit will submit haptic feedback to let you know it’s ready. 

2. How to get the best vapor quality

The Peak electric dab rig is capable of producing thick, flavourful vapor clouds when used properly and kept well-maintained. 

The right temperature

The green zone (500°F) is a temperature range that many dabbers consider to be ideal when using the Peak e rig. We recommend starting low for strong flavor and working your way up for bigger vapor clouds. 

Keep it clean

For consistently satisfying flavor with a great taste, it’s important to keep your Puffco rig clean and properly maintained. 

3. How to clean the Peak dab rig

Follow these steps to ensure you’re taking care of your electric dab rig:

  • Let glass parts soak in isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes
  • Rinse glass parts off with water
  • Let the carb cap soak in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse it with water
  • Clean off the gold threads and connector with a cotton swab
  • Unscrew the atomizer, then soak it in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes
  • Let all parts dry before using the Peak e rig again

Peak E Rig Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heat-up time

20 seconds

Chamber material


Battery length

30 dabs

Charging time

2 hours

Auto shut off:



7” Height x 2.75” Base

Temperature settings

4 heat settings

450°F-600°F (232°C-315°C)

Who is the Puffco Peak for?

Anyone in the market for a high-quality desktop dab rig should definitely consider trying the Puffco Peak e rig. Not only is it a great desktop concentrate vaporizer, but it’s compact enough to be transported in a carrying case, making it accessible to fans of portability as well.

If you’re someone who prioritizes dense, tasty vapor clouds and longer dab sessions, then the Puffco Peak is an excellent option whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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Top of the line.

This is undoubtedly top of the line.

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Not only the vape is great, but customer service as well when they recommended this vape to me. It is exactly what I needed.

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Although not the most discreet vape, my concentrates had never been treated as well as now. Quick free shipping as well. Thanks.

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Quick shipping

I didn't believe when I saw the box at home. At first, I couldn't tell it was my vape, as delivery couldn't be that fast and the box had no identification. It was when I opened the box that it blew my mind off. My vape, that quick at home. Amazing!

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak