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Puffco Plus Chamber

Puffco Plus full ceramic chamber is designed to optimize the capacity & taste of your concentrate. It contains no glues and exposed metals.

You can load it with ease in no time and more time buffing is guaranteed due to the larger ceramic chamber.

Puffco Plus chamber has no coil nor dish at the bottom that allows the entire bottom of the chamber to heats up. This feature makes Puffco plus chamber to use more efficiently with waxy material.

Puffco Plus Heating Chamber Features:

  • Conduction and convection heating guarantee a great taste
  • Easy to load. Loading is quite easy & less time consuming
  • Al ceramic coil-less chamber
  • Entire chamber heats up to provide efficient use of waxy material
  • No need to replace coil: Since it neither contains a coil nor a dish at the bottom, you can get rid from extra headache of replacing coil


  • 1 X Puffco Plus all-ceramic heating chamber

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