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Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer

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Intro To The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer

Pulsar has never failed to amaze with its top-of-the-range collection of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. Since the release of the original Pulsar 7 vaporizer, they’ve cemented their status as a leading brand on the market. 

The Pulsar APX Vaporizer embodied their dedication to elevate the vaping experience of their users to #EnjoyHigherCulture. The APX Smoker vaporizer has revolutionized portable dry herb vaping with rapid heat-up times, multiple heat settings, unrivaled battery life, and a lightweight design. 

How To Use The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer?

Now we can dive deeper into the details of how to use the Pulsar APX Smoker vaporizer. We’ve had the pleasure of testing out this powerhouse for ourselves, and it sure doesn’t disappoint. We’ve highlighted some of our best practices for getting started, getting the best vapor quality, and cleaning. 

1. How To Operate The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer?

The most important first step is to place the APX Smoker on a charge. Once the charge has completed, it’s time to get going. 

By pressing the main button on the unit 5 times it’ll turn it on. From there, press and hold the button to cycle through the temperature settings. Removing the mouthpiece will expose the chamber, allowing it to be filled with dry herbs. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

The 5 preset temperature options will each influence the vapor of the APX smoker differently. To optimize the device for flavor, it’s suggested to experiment with the lower temperatures while focusing on cloud production it’s the higher temperatures. 

3. How To Clean Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer?

Cleaning and maintaining the Pulsar APX Smoker will be crucial in ensuring it’s performing at its best. Neglecting cleaning the unit will result in unsatisfactory performance and a negative impact on vapor quality, too. 

To clean it, begin by removing the mouthpiece and soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for roughly an hour. You can use a cleaning swab to wipe away any residue before rinsing in water. You’ll also need to wipe leftover materials from the coil and screen. 


The longevity of Pulsar products, and the brand as a whole, is a sign of the quality they’ve consistently delivered. The APX Smoker vaporizer comes as no exception to this. In regard to both design and function, it’s a real show stopper. 

The APX Smoker vaporizer boasts the full spectrum of highly technological features you’d expect from a high-end vape. All epitomized by the LED screen that displays battery life and the different temperature settings. 

Temperature Settings

Full flexibility in temperature control is the sign of a luxury vaporizer. With the APX vape, users have 5 different heat options to choose from between 950 - 1094 degrees Fahrenheit. Cycling through the different settings is simple, and can be done using the main button on the body of the unit. 

Encapsulating the quality of the APX Smoker perfectly is its astonishing 7-second heat-up time. You’ll never be left waiting for long to get started on your next session. 

Battery & Power

Held within the durable exterior of the Pulsar APX Smoker is a 1100mAh battery. You’ll be able to recharge the battery using the included micro USB charging cable. The charging process will take approximately 90 minutes, rewarding you with 90 minutes usage time subsequently. 

The APX vaporizer has an auto shut-off feature, meaning that after 5 minutes of no use the device will automatically shut down. This saves all the battery possible for users to enjoy. 


The Pulsar APX Vaporizer stands at just 8.5 centimeters tall and 3 centimeters wide. It’ll fit into the palm of your hand perfectly, ready to accompany you on any excursion. The design is as stealthy as it is durable, so you’ll have no trouble using the APX Smoker wherever you go. 

Who Is The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer For?

No matter who you are, or what your preference, the Pulsar APX Smoker is a fantastic piece of hardware. You’ll rarely find a vaporizer so portable and stylish in design, yet so powerful in performance. 

The battery life is enough to support a long day of vaping on the go with ease, producing powerful hits time and time again for all to relish. 

Who Is The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer Not For?

While the APX Smoker may be too good to be true for some, that may not be the case for you. Vaping on the go isn’t for everyone. If consuming only while at home is more suited to you, why not consider a desktop vaporizer? Desktop vaporizers tend to cater better to group sessions, and also deliver a more powerful and potent experience. 

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Having had almost every vaporizer on the market pass through our doors, it’s with confidence that we can say it’s one of the most stylish vaporizers you’ll ever come across. 

Similar to the APX Smoker the PAX 3 boasts multiple temperature settings, a portable design, fast heat-up times, and great vapor quality. It’ll function with both dry herbs and concentrates too, so it won’t limit you whatsoever. 

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The Mighty Vaporizer is a classic model by the godfathers of the vape industry, Storz and Bickel. Famous for creating the Volcano desktop vaporizer, Storz and Bickel entered the portable market with the Mighty. It’s everything you could possibly want from a portable vaporizer, and more. 

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What Is In The Box

  • 1 x APX Smoker Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Stir Tool
  • 1 x Pulsar APX Smoker Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Extra Mouthpiece Silicone Insert

Tech Specs

Compatible With Dry Herbs
Chamber Material Quartz
Battery Length 90 minutes
Charging Time 90 minutes
Auto Shut Off Yes
Dimensions 8.5 centimeters x 3 centimeters
Temperature Settings 5 (950 - 1094 degrees Fahrenheit) 


The Pulsar APX Smoker vaporizer is covered by a 1-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer, Pulsar.
The warranty covers faults in craftsmanship and materials. Pulsar, over the years, have always put their customers first. Their customer service team is exemplary, so enjoy peace of mind when using your APX Smoker. 

Staff Review

Having chosen the Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer as the latest addition to my collection, I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. I had only heard good things, so as a self-proclaimed connoisseur, I needed to see for myself. 

First impressions when unboxing we’re excellent. The design was impressive. It was the perfect size to fit into my pocket for me to use wherever I am - something really important for me! 

Once I had experienced it, after my first session, I knew I had made the right choice. I chose my favorite dry herbs and was so impressed with the ease of use and speedy heat-up time. 

The vapor quality was more than satisfactory. I chose the lowest heat setting as I prefer flavor over cloud density, and I was not disappointed. 

The icing on the cake was the rapid charging time and the 90 minutes of continuous usage that followed. Overall, as someone who’s owned their fair share of portable vapes, it’s fair to say this is up there with the very best. Coming at a fantastically affordable price too, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. 

Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer FAQ's

Q1: What Can You Use With the Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer? 

The Pulsar APX Smoker vaporizer is a perfectly portable vaporizer built for use with dry herbs only. There’s no better way to enjoy your flower. Unfortunately, this does mean you won’t be able to use the APX Smoker with concentrates. 

Q2: Can You Change The Temperature On The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer? 

Yes. The APX Smoker vaporizer features 5 different temperature settings ranging between 950 - 1094 degrees Fahrenheit. Users can alternate between each setting using the main button on the body of the APX Smoker. 

Q3: Is the Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer Portable? 

For a device with a performance level this high, with a powerful battery, the Pulsar APX Smoker is as portable as you could wish for. It stands at 8.5 centimeters tall and 3 centimeters wide, making for the ideal portable companion. 

Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer

Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer