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The RosinBomb Rocket Press

At the center of rosin production is the press, a machine responsible for producing controlled amounts of heat and pressure over short periods of time. Through DIY innovation and the harnessing of technologies borrowed from several other manufacturing industries, the rosin press has evolved extensively since its modest beginnings. Rosin production requires just three things - time, heat and pressure. The rosin produced is also far less time consuming to process, in some cases yielding a product that can be used in a matter of seconds. Even though it has been designed to be super compact and give superb quality extracts for a very reasonable price, the Rocket doesn't compromise on quantity.  The RosinBomb Rocket Press is a very impressive dried product press that we have been eagerly anticipating the release of since we first heard the whispers of possibility coming from Rosinbomb. Here at Namaste Vaporizers we absolutely love RosinBomb and their awesome presses, and the RosinBomb Rocket does not disappoint. 

The RosinBomb Rocket Press Key Features:

Design & Display:

The RosinBomb Rocket is the most compact and discreet press to come from RosinBomb to date. Built with the everyday dab vaper in mind, RosinBomb have made this press simple to use while ensuring it produces great results every time. Standing at 10 inches high, this press is surprisingly portable as it will fit into a standard backpack, weighs only 15 lbs (around 6kg) and can also be used anywhere you can find a plug socket. The display on the RosinBomb Rocket Press clearly shows the current temperature, which adjustable by the degree, so you always know what temperature your plates are at. This is an important factor to keep note of, especially if you are pressing different materials.

Compression Plates:

The pressing plates measure 3.2" x 2.8" so the RosinBomb Rocket can comfortably press 5 grams of dried product or sift in a single go, producing plenty of beautiful, tasty, solventless extract in no time at all. These flattened plates provide even pressure and heat which extracts the rosin out of the material and the parchment insert gathers the extract which should be left to cool and then collected for use. 

Heat & Pressure:

The temperature of the plates can be anywhere from ambient all the way up to 300°F (149°C), with the optimum range being around the 200°F-220°F (95°C-105°C). The temperature setting you should use will depend on the material you're working with, so be vigilant with your heat controls to avoid wasting any material. Like all the other RosinBomb presses, the RosinBomb Rocket is purely electric and uses mains electricity to generate in excess of 1500lbs of force to press and squeeze every single last drop of rosin out of your material. Thanks to the complete lack of hydraulics the Rocket is much quieter and lower maintenance than any other type of automated press on the market right now which is always an advantage when you want the best possible results but still need to be subtle.

Collecting your Pressed Material:

The rosin that is extracted can be scraped off the parchment paper and is ready for use immediately, or if you would prefer to store it for future use, it should be placed in a chilled environment in an airtight container so that it is protected from any condensation or moisture. 

The Leftovers:

The flattened pancake of what's left of you original material is still of some use, and can still be safely vaped or smoked. The taste and potency of the material will have decreased, so remember when using it that this is normal! But it's worth holding on to in case you find yourself in need in the future.

How to use your RosinBomb Rocket Press:

With Rosin Presses, simplicity is the key. Just plug your Rocket into any wall outlet, wait a few minutes for the plates to get up to temperature and you'll be squashing and dabbing straight away, your own personal dab bar right there on your desk top. To use the Rocket you just place your material in a compact pile between two pieces of greaseproof paper and slide it between the pressing plates. Hit the up button and the plates will rise all the way to maximum pressure. Just wait until the flow of rosin has stopped and then hit the down button. Then recover your rosin from the paper and you are ready to dab! 

The temperature setting of the plates is fully adjustable, you can run it anywhere from ambient all the way up to 300°F (149°C), with the optimum range being around the 200°F-220°F (95°C-105°C). The new Rocket is one of the most anticipated releases in months so stop wondering what all the fuss is about and join the Rosin Revolution already!

Why choose The RosinBomb Rocket Press?

100% American made, this press functions in exactly the same way as the original RosinBomb Super but it has been enhanced and developed to be as compact and subtle as possible without affecting its ability to offer outstanding performance. That wouldn't have been such a task if it wasn't for the fact that RosinBomb knew it had to be cheap enough that any serious dabber can justify having one on their desk at home. Why RosinBomb Presses?

RosinBomb is a family run business that can trace their roots back to decades of tradition working with machinery. With a devotion to both innovations, their founder created the Das Viking Juice Press and while in the process, discovered that the current emerging essential oils industry was missing something - an efficient dedicated rosin press for extracting rosin from vaping materials. Before this, there were many individuals re-designing other pressers and making their own attempt at a rosin press that would meet their individual needs. So, inadvertently, RosinBomb founders designed the most powerful and completely electronic Rosin Press available, with the ability to process the highest yield on the market.

Fast forward to today, they are now the gold standard for Rosin Pressers and the one that the competition looks to for the industry standard.

A message, from RosinBomb to You:

"All staff RosinBomb are committed to quality, Value and Innovation. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and ourselves. That is the RosinBomb way of LIFE"


The RosinBomb Rocket Press Do's and Dont's - From the Experts:

  • Never press without product. A dry press is harder on the machine and could deteriorate the life of the press.

  • You have two buttons for press operation. Up and down. They are located on the face of the cabinet at the bottom right corner. When you have the product in the press and you are up to temperature, press the up button. It will proceed upward with a positive press until it senses maximum capable pressure. It will then stop and hold that pressure. Once you reached your desired length of time, press the down button to return to home position.

  • You can level the unit as many times as you need. If you feel you are losing yield, take advantage and level your machine.

  • If you wish to stop operation in either direction, up or down, press the button in whichever direction you are currently going.

  • For example- If you are moving upwards and wish to reposition the product or interrupt operation, you will press the up button again and it will stop the machine. You can then press up to continue or down to return to the home position. 

  • If the press starts clicking while under full pressure, press the up button to stop.

  • The heat plates take 10 minutes or less to fully heat before pressing product. Once heated they will maintain your desired temperature.

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SOOOO Happy!!!

I was in two minds whether or not to by this rosinbomb rocket. It is a lot of money, but I thought it was an investment & I should go for it.!! It was the best decision I ever made to be honest. I wouldn't be without the rocket now.

RosinBomb Rocket

RosinBomb Rocket

Limited Edition Mirror Finish