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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

$289.95 $264.95


4 for £20 Bundle!

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4 for $20 bundle in honour of the sacred time 4:20pm marks blazing time! This incredible value package available for a limited time only, includes the following:

  • 1 x NamasteVapes Lotus Vape BagåÊ(Value $6.95)
  • 1 x Brand New Twisty Glass Blunt (Value $24.95)
  • 1 x Twisty Glass Silicone MouthpieceåÊ(Value $2.95)
  • 10 x NamasteVapes Cleaning Wipes (Value $5.95)

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Add a Grizzly Grinder to your order?

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The Grizzly VGrinder is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. It is specifically designed to provide ground materials for vaporizing. åÊThis grinder is not only beautiful but also very functional. This is a 3-component grinder with diamond cut teeth and collection screen. We highly suggest using one of the GrizzlyåÊgrinders for best results. This grinder is backed by a lifetime NamasteVapes‰ã¢ warranty but rest assured it will last forever!

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Add a Grizzly Glass Stir Tool?

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Grizzly Originals Glass Stir Tool

A high-quality glass stir tool - perfect for mixing your aromatherapy blends!

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Add NamasteCare™ Warranty?

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NamasteCare䋢 Vaporizer Warranty

This coverage is added protection when manufacturers will not cover our customers. We want to make sure you are covered on your investment!

We will always assist our customers with standard warranty coverage and claims, but problems are often not covered under the manufacturer's standard warranty.

With the purchase of this plan, customers are only responsible for return postage to NamasteVapes䋢 and a $14.95 processing fee for each return shipment. NamasteVapes䋢 will do the rest!

This will cover items not always under standard warranty like batteries, general malfunction, power surges and other common problems which are not typically covered.

1 Year Coverage - $29.95
2 Year Coverage - $39.95

Exceptions: There are a few but all within reason. There will be no glass coverage. Physical damage due to misuse and water damage are not covered in the plan. Your unit must be returned to NamasteVapes䋢 and have the order's valid serial number (if applicable) to receive coverage. Please note this warranty is for coverage of vaporizers and can not be applied to purchases of accessory items. This warranty must be purchased at time of vaporizer purchase.

NamasteVapes䋢 will assist you with the replacement of your Vaporizer.

Starting at $29.95!

Add ons for your order

Grizzly Originals Glass Stir Tool
+$12.95 $8.95
Grizzly Originals Steel Card Grinder
+$12.95 $9.95
Vape Bag
+$9.95 $6.95
Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution
+$17.95 $12.95

Optional Silver Surfer Accessories

Save 8% Picture of Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Please Note: Due to high demand, color selection cannot be guaranteed. You willåÊreceiveåÊeither a black oråÊsilver unit.


- Now comes with FREE GROUND GLASS (HANDS-FREE OPTION) WAND UPGRADE for your vaporizer.

One of the most distinguished leaders of the vaporizer community, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) is a stand out performer in the desktop vaping game.This modern, whip-style vaporizer is manufactured in Colorado Springs, United States of America, from high quality materials by manufacturer 7th Floor. The Silver Surfer Vape has many options in order to customize your vaping experience. Vapers can select a design from a wide variety of colors and heating cover options. The SSV vaporizeråÊincorporates a modernåÊreverse 90 degree angle design (this helps prevent your aromatherapy blend from falling out of the heating chamber) and the force of gravity to efficiently vaporize all your favorite aromatic blend. NamasteVapes sells the Silver Surfer Vape along with a complimentary hands-free ground glass wand upgrade. The ground glass connection is used in order to allow the user to vaporize hands free. 7th Floor are one of the only manufacturers world wide who hand blows all their glass piecesåÊwhichåÊensures only the highest quality components are used and also creating a unique glass piece for every product.åÊ

The Silver Surfer Vape also comes with a complete 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.



Silver Surfer Vaporizer Design

The SSV vaporizeråÊfeatures a custom made glass knob and heater cover that feature beautiful designåÊand are completely unique to each piece.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer's (SSV) heating element is entirelyåÊenclosedåÊwithin a ceramic bowl and removed from the electronics so any form of toxin which often occurs with less expensive metal heating elements will not interfere with your vaping needs. The SSV vaporizer also hasåÊan indicator light which canåÊbrighten and dim as you adjust to your desired vaporizing temperature.

Each Silver Surfer vape unit comes with a Padded Travel Case which makes travelling and using your SSV Vaporizer on the go simplistic and easy.

åÊSilver Surfer Vape SSV Vaporizer

SSV Vaporizer TechnologyåÊ

To use the SSV, simply turn the vaporizer on and program the temperature to your desired setting. We would recommend setting the dial at 2 o‰۪clock, in order to maximize heating efficiency. While the Silver Surfer vape is heating up, place your finely ground aromatherapy blend material into the end of the wand, which will then be attached to the heater cover.

The SSV vaporizer makes use of a ground glass connectionåÊwhichåÊpermits ‰Û÷hands-free‰۪ vaporization; this meansåÊthe user rests the wand on the heating element and then proceeds to inhale at theiråÊleisure. The wand and heater cover both fit perfectly on the SSV vaporizer, which helps to create a tight seal allowing no vapor to get lost.åÊ

The Silver Surfer Vape really is a modern and top of the line device, which offers users a top quality vaping experience. åÊåÊ


How to Clean and Maintain your Silver Surfer Vape

In order to ensure that your SSV vaporizer functions and stays at its optimal level regular cleaning is very much recommended. The stainless steel screens and silicone tubing need to be replaced roughly every 3 months but this will all depend on the frequency of use.åÊ


Pros and Cons of the SSVåÊVaporizer


  • The SSV vaporizer has a unique ceramic heating chamber design allows efficient air flow.
  • Creates a tasty, pure and dense vapor which is unrivaled in desktop Vapes in this price range.åÊ
  • The temperature adjustment system on the SSV vaporizer, allows for accessibility and functionality.



  • The Silver Surfer vape is a desktop vaporizer that may still be out of some buyers price range.
  • If the SSV vaporizeråÊwas a little bit smaller and lighter it would be more portable and mobile.


Verdict - Score 8.5/10.0


Looking for a great desktop vaporizer for sessions with friends? On a budget and can't afford the impressive Volcano? Then the SSV Vaporizer really is the vaporizer for you. A great alternative to the Volcano desktop vaporizer. The Silver Surfer Vape is a really stand out Vaporizer in this price range. åÊ

Video Review

Namaste Kory reviews the Silver Surfer Vape by 7th Floor
  • 1 x Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer
  • 1 x Padded Carrying Case
  • 1 x Glass Marble Stirring Tool
  • 3 x Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Hands-Free Ground Glass Wand
  • 1 x 3 ft. of Vapor Tubing
  • 1 x Clear Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (7th Floor requests that customers contact them directly for any warranty claims. We are happy to help you along the way. Contact us for more details.)
Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

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