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Silver Surfer (SSV) Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter

The Sliver Surfer has been discontinued, we have a number of desktop vaporizers in stock that perform at the level the Sliver Surfer did. The Arizer V Tower is quite exceptional, it works better, does more but costs less. Check out the Arizer V Tower Desktop Vaporizer here

This glass water tool attachment fits snugly into the whip included with your Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Push the adapter into the end of your whip and any 14mm water tool can be attached, allowing you to to cool and moisten the vapor from your Silver Surfer. This glass adapter is also compatible with the included whips in most other desktop vaporizers.

Please Note: This is the 14mm Ground Glass Adapter Piece. 


  • 1 x 14mm Water Tool Ground Glass Whip Adapter (Water Tool Sold Separately)


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