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Space Case 2 Piece Magnetic Grinder

These heavy-duty grinders from Space Case are tough, good looking grinders which are engineered to finely grind your dried products for an awesome smoking experience. The anodized body provides a non-stick surface which means you'll waste fewer dried products.

Two Piece Magnetic Grinder Features

  • 2 Inch diameter (~50 mm)
  • Neodymium Magnetic
  • Razor Sharp teeth for finer grind
  • 2-piece Grinder
  • Coated with anodized metal ensuring the dried products do not stick to the grinder
  • Good for dried products, tobacco, or spices

Two Piece Titanium Grinder - Sturdy With  A Great Grind Quality

This piece is great for grinding any dried product blend as it finely grinds the dried products almost to dust with its anodized titanium teeth. It has a well-constructed body and you can be sure that your dried products will not stick to the inside of the grinder too much resulting in less waste. This grinder is made to last a very long time thanks to its strong and sturdy body made from high-quality titanium.

Two Piece Titanium Grinder - Anodized Titanium

Anodized titanium is a high-quality material that is strong, light, and resistant to the rigors of daily use. Titanium is an extremely strong yet light material that will ensure that your grinder is tough enough to last you years. The titanium is also anodized with means that it was specially treated to have a coating that will protect it from corrosion or grime produced by sticky dried product resin.

Two Piece Titanium Grinder - Magnetic Locking

The two interlocking grinding parts are held together with magnets that will ensure a firm hold and prevent any accidental spillage. A must-have for anyone who has had to endure the horror of accidentally spilling dried product thanks to a loose grinder lid!

Two Piece Titanium Grinder - An Easy To Use Piece That Yields Great Results

This piece is amazingly easy to use and will give you fantastic results every time! The dried products will need to be put in the first section and need to be ground until they are fine which could take a few minutes. The grinder comes in 2 colors, shiny silver, and shiny black. The materials used are Aluminum and metal. It is Classic Magnetic and a very good grinder indeed. The blades of the grinder are quite sharp, also there is a magnet on the top of the grinder which keeps the grinder well intact making it very easy to carry while traveling. Ultimately, this grinder is a good buy as it will last years.

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