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Bubble Trouble

Beaker shaped bongs are great for their stability and large water capacity. Famous Brandz have pulled out all the stops to bring you this fantastic piece of glass. Made from a high-quality durable glass, you'll be able to enjoy this piece for the rest of your life.

Bubbles Waterpipe Features
  • Official Trailer Park Boys merchandise
  • High-Quality Glass
  • 12 inches tall
  • Diffused downstem
  • Ice Notch
  • Removeable Bowl


In the wide, flat base the smoke is diffused into the water through the diffused downstem. As the smoke is forced through these slits it's split into multiple pathways, giving the smoke a wider surface area, bringing it into contact with more and more cool water. If this isn't cool enough for you, you can add ice cubes to the neck, held in place by the ice pinch. The combination of the two gives some of the smoothest hits going!

The body of the bong features a Trailer Park Boys logo down the length of the neck and the base is finished with the face of Bubbles and his signature.

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