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  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Plenty Vaporizer


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The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel


From the same people who brought you the Volcano Vaporizer, comes the Plenty Vaporizer. Now in 2018 with a new more powerful battery we only sell the latest units.

The Plenty is an economically priced, impressive and robust handheld vaporizer. The heat exchange is furnished with a double helix which helps to ensure efficient air heating while also proving high-yield vaporization. The highly capable stainless steel cooling coil makes sure that a top notch aromatic experience is guaranteed.

Vaporization temperatures may be programmed from approximately 130°C to 202°C (266°F to 395°F). The temperature within the filling chamber is displayed by an analog thermometer. The bi-metallic regulator makes sure of safe operation, with an independent temperature control system and an automatic switch-off.

 Plenty Vaporizer



Volcano Plenty & Technical Info

Vaporize Dried Herbs, extracts and liquids
Storage capacity 0.30 grams
Vaporizing Temperature Levels 266° F - 392° F
Initial heating Approximately 60 seconds
Heating system Hybrid (convection and conduction)
Heating chamber material Stainless steel
External coating material Plastic
Battery capacity No battery
Charging time No battery
Compatible chargers Power supply
Compatible smartphones No
Other functions Analog thermometer for temperature control and ergonomic design.
Approximate Dimenisons (AxLxP) 20cm x 15cm
Approximate Weight 700 grams
Warranty 3 years

  • 1 x Aromatherapy Blend Filling Chamber.
  • 1 x Mouthpiece.
  • 3 x Normal Screen Set.
  • 2 x Tubing (Short).
  • 2 x Tubing (Long).
  • 1 x Cooling Coil.
  • 1 x Liquid Pad.
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush.
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Grinder.
  • 1 x Instruction Manual.

Beware Of Fakes

All our stock is genuine and sourced directly from STORZ & BICKEL. Be aware of other online sellers who may be selling counterfeit products. We will beat any US competitors price on a genuine Volcano Plenty Vaporizer.



  • Very efficient heating time - can reach max heat in 3 minutes.
  • The Plenty is the biggest 'vapor maker' on the market at the moment. No other device can match the Plenty's vapor production.
  • Temperature control system allows user to easily select and set desired vaping temperature.
  • Storz and Bickel offer a 3-year warranty on this device.


    Plenty Vaporizer - Heating and Temperature

    The Plenty is a very powerful desktop vaporizer that can reach it's maximum temperature of 392°F in three miniutes. It can reach it's lowest temperature in just under 1. The temperature of the vaporizer Plenty varies between 266°F and 392°F, and the heating of the inner chamber is shown through an analog thermometer on the front of the vaporizer.

    Plenty Vaporizer - Design

    Plenty vaporizer can easily fit into a wall outlet, just like a desktop vaporizer. Plenty vaporizer equipped with 3.4 cm filling chamber that provide you an optimal surface for vapor drawn. Plenty has a built-in thermometer for temperature setting at front. The plenty vaporizer comes with independent temperature control and automatic shutoff feature, that help you to save battery life. One of the real benefits of the Plenty is just its overall aesthetic. First of all, it looks beautiful and carries with it that authentic Storz and Bickel aesthetic that allows it to look like a real powerful machine. These designs help people get really excited to use the vaporizer just from looking at it. The design also makes the vape really comfortable to hold which makes it easier to pick up and draw straight from it.

    Plenty Vaporizer - Feature

    The Plenty has a bi-metallic regulator that certifies operation, with an independent temperature control system and automatic shutdown feature that'll help keep the vape safe during longer sessions if it's getting too hot.

    How to use the Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

    Like any other desktop vaporizer you should sterilize the device, how you do this you ask? Plug the device into the wall socket, when its plugged in you should then turn up the temperature on the temperature dial to 7, when it's on setting 7 you should then click the orange button to 0 – 1 and leave it for 10 minutes to sterilize. Make sure you either keep holding the button or every minute or so click the button because if that Plenty Vaporizer is left for a certain amount of time it will auto shut off.

    Now that the device is sterilized and you’re ready to start vaporizer. Before you pack the chamber with the dried herbs, turn off the device, take off the nozzle of the device (orange section), then you give it a twist and it will open the chamber. You fill the chamber to the top with the dried herbs, if you want to vape a half bowl you can put the liquid pad on top, so the dried herbs are tightly packed. To vapes liquid and oils you use the liquid pad with the oils and liquids on the pad and then you can use that. Make sure when you are vaping dried herbs make sure you grind the dried herbs using the grinder that comes with the Plenty.

    When you have the chamber filled to the amount you what to vape, pop back on the nozzle and then place it back on to the device. When everything is at once piece again, select whatever temperature suits you while vaping by using the temperature dial, then turn on the unit. The mechanical display will display the temperature that the device is at. When the temperature hits the green section on the mechanical display you’re good to go. Just inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy that sweet vapor flavor.


    The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer has been certified by the German TUV. This means that compliance with the European and North American standards and regulations for household appliances is guaranteed by TUV and NRTL certifications. World-class design and manufacture ensures excellent quality and fantastic accessibility. The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer is silent device and lightweight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs), the dimensions are; 15.5 x 22.5 x 5.5cm, (including power cord).  All product characteristics are guaranteed by Storz & Bickel for 3 years. Only food-safe and aroma-free materials are to be used. The new Volcano Plenty Vaporizer offers all the same virtues that are familiar and associated with our Volcano Vaporizer.