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XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer

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Xmax Starry vaporizer v3

Featuring a sleek and straightforward design expertly crafted from high-end materials, the XVAPE Xmax Starry offers a simple yet satisfying experience to any level vaper. The device is packed with incredible features like precision temperature control, swappable batteries that eliminate the wait time of charging, and a heat-up time of just 25 seconds! 

The Starry 3.0 vaporizer has a very small and compact design that can slip into any sized pocket or bag with ease. Keep from turning heads during your next session outside thanks to vape’s ultra-discreet inconspicuous design that allows you to bring it virtually anywhere with ease.

What is in the box

  • X MAX Starry Vaporizer
  • 1x Cleaning Set (Tweezers, Cleaning Brush, Tool)
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Metal Mouthpiece Screen
  • 2x Heating Chamber Screen
  • 2x Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
  • 2x Mouthpiece Tip O-Ring
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mesh Concentrate Pad
  • User Manual


The XVAPE Xmax Starry v3 has an incredibly straight forward design with an easy-to-read OLED screen and intuitive controls that make operating the unit an absolute breeze. This dry herb vaporizer is built with only the finest materials like zirconia and anodized aluminum that keep it ultra-durable against bumps, scratches or drops. 

The Starry can fit discreetly into any pocket or bag with ease thanks to its small and compact size. The XVAPE Xmax Starry mouthpiece is attached to the body of the vaporizer with high-quality magnets that won't fall apart in your pocket and make a mess. 

Full Temperature Control

This Starry portable vaporizer offers complete control over temperature settings within the wide range of 100C-240C (212F-464F). Temperature can be easily adjusted using the two adjustment buttons along with the OLED screen that clearly presents both the current temperature and your desired setting.

Removable Battery 

The XVAPE Xmax vaporizer features a 18650 battery that can easily be swapped out with another when it dies, this eliminates the pesky wait time of charging. If you prefer to re-charge the vaporizer when its battery runs low you can do that too with the provided micro USB cable, simply plug it into the vape. This will take just about 90-120 minutes to reach a full charge. A fully charged Starry battery will provide the user with roughly 60-90 minutes of use. 

Fast Heat-up Time

The XVAPE Xmax Starry v3 has such an incredibly quick heat-up time, if you blink you might just miss it. This portable vaporizer can reach temperatures as high as 390F in just 25 seconds and the highest temperature setting of 240C (464F) in just 35 seconds. 

How To Use Xmax Starry?

With its straightforward design and intuitive controls, all the guesswork of operating the vaporizer has been taken away. Within just a few minutes, you’ll be a pro at operating the XVAPE Xmax Starry V3. 

1. How To Operate Xmax Starry

Burn-off Cycle

When using any vaporizer for the very first time, it is important that you run a quick burn-off cycle to remove any residue left behind from manufacturing such as glues and oils. 

To do so, turn on the device with an empty chamber by holding down the power button on top for just a few seconds, using the two adjustment buttons to set the Starry to its highest temperature setting of 240C (464F). Allow it to run until the auto-shut-off feature kicks in after 5 minutes. Your vape is now safe to use!

Preparation and Loading

Remove the magnetic XVAPE Xmax Starry mouthpiece and pack the chamber with dry herb that has been broken down to a fine consistency using a grinder. For optimal vapour, make sure to load the oven all the way and pack down firmly using the included tamp tool, just make sure that it is not too tightly packed or airflow will be affected. 

If you would like to load the chamber with concentrate instead, take the provided wax cup and load a grain-sized dab into the cup, then place the cup into the oven. If you do use wax, remember to use higher temperature results for optimal vapour.

Adjusting Temperature

When you have finished loading the vaporizer’s oven, reattach the mouthpiece, then turn the device on by pressing the power button up top just like before. Adjust the temperature to your preference by using the two adjustment buttons. Hold down the power and up buttons to access the device’s user menu and this is where you can adjust the auto-shut-off timer between 5-10 minutes.

During Session

When the vaporizer has reached your desired temperature setting, the Starry will vibrate letting you know that it is ready to be drawn from. Take long slow inhales from the mouthpiece as if you are sipping on a super-thick milkshake for the best results.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

For optimal vapour quality, make sure that you are cleaning out the heating chamber of spent material after every single use and performing deeper cleanings about every other week depending on your frequency of use.

When preparing for a session, make sure that your flower is completely dry and has been ground to a fine consistency. Since the Starry is a conduction vape, you will need to make sure that the oven is firmly packed but not too tight to where airflow is negatively affected.

Throughout the session when you are not getting the right vapour quality, you can pop the lid and stir the contents of the oven with any small steel tool. Doing so will provide more even vaporization of your material preventing a burnt taste and wispy vapour.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

When performing a deep cleaning on your Xmax vape, you only need to worry about the heating chamber and mouthpiece. To clean the heating chamber, begin by removing the mouthpiece, then take a cotton swab that has been dipped in isopropyl alcohol and swab around the inside to remove any residue.

For a good Xmax Starry mouthpiece cleaning, separate it into three pieces and soak all of them in a container of isopropyl alcohol for up to 30 minutes. Rinse all pieces well, then towel dry before reassembling.

After you have finished cleaning the vaporizer, perform a burn-off cycle by turning on the device, using the up arrow to crank the device to its highest temperature of 240C, and letting it run until the auto shut off feature kicks in.

Tech Specs

Compatible with:

Dry herbs and concentrates 

Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

70-80 minutes

Charging time

90-120 minutes

Auto shut off:

5-10 minutes




100 x 35 x 24 mm

Temperature settings

100C-240C (212F-464F)

Who is the Xmax Starry for?

This vaporizer is designed for those that are often on the go and want to go unnoticed when enjoying a session while out and about. The straightforward design of the Xmax Starry makes it a great vape for beginners wanting the perfect intro to vaping as well as those who appreciate simplicity. 

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I recommend this product

Great starter vape

Really happy with it

United States United States
I recommend this product

XMax Starry v3

I’am new to this and it was so easy. I gave 2 as gifts.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Product!

First time using a dry herb vape, will not go back!!

United States United States

XMax Starry - great product.

Great experience. Well made solid

Richard G.
United States United States

Best Vape Ever!

The Starry is so easy to use and works perfectly. Whenever I wear one out I just buy another!`

XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer

XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer