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XVape Cricket+

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Intro to XVape Cricket+

The XVape Cricket Plus is an affordable concentrate vaporizer designed for beginners and dab fans on a budget. The budget dab market is massive, with a huge selection of incredible devices. However, there are few that approach the quality of the XVape Cricket+ at this low price point. 

It features an incredibly slimline design, even by the standards of concentrate dab pens, this makes it ideal for everyday use, traveling, or easy storage. At first glance there isn't much difference between concentrate vapes this compact, however, a little investigation will show you that there's more than meets the eye. Even in something like the XVape Cricket+

How To Use XVape Cricket+?

1. How To Operate XVape Cricket+

The Cricket Plus is simple and straightforward to use. To load it, first, remove the mouthpiece to expose the chamber. This is simple as instead of using latches or threading, the mouthpiece is held in place with a small magnet. Then, carefully and gently load in your material of choice with a dab tool. 

Once you replace the lid the device will be ready for activation. You can do this by clicking on the power button five times in rapid succession. This will begin the heating cycle, when you're ready to take a hit, hold down the power button and take a draw from the mouthpiece. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

There isn't too much in the way of prep work you can do with the Cricket Plus to get more out of its vapor quality. However, over time, paying special attention to its maintenance is a must. This will make sure that your airpath isn't clogged, which restricts airflow, and that your chamber doesn't have any build-up, which affects flavor. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

A certain amount of caution is needed when cleaning out the XVape Cricket Plus. Some of its components are more fragile than those you'd find on other products. The first step is to make sure that you turn the device upside down when cleaning. This stops any solvents or alcohol you're using to wipe out the device from running into the electronics, while it also ensures that any residual reclaim from your dabs drips out. Be very gentle when wiping out the coil, as it is very easy to damage them.


The Cricket plus features reliable and consistent vapor quality that is in line with many vapes within its price range. It doesn't offer much in the way of flavor, due to the heat of its atomizer, but you can expect dense, rapidly available vapor. Ideally vapor at this temperature would work well with some level of filtration, but the Cricket Plus doesn't come with a compatible water tool 

Temperature settings

The Cricket Plus has a fixed temperature that cannot be adjusted. This is fine for beginners, but those who want a bit more control over their vape experience may find things a bit too restrictive. 

Battery & Power

The Cricket Plus features a 350mAh battery that offers a couple sessions on a single charge. The upsides of the design is its compact size and its rapid recharge. The downside is the brief life and the fact that overcharging can damage the battery. 

Magnetic Mouthpiece

This feature is rapidly becoming one of the defining traits of the XVape line. This is a great design feature for devices as compact as the Cricket Plus. It avoids many of the common pitfalls of threads and latches, which can be incredibly fiddly at this scale. The tight seal of a magnetic lock also means that spillage and leaks aren't a huge risk. Finally, the mouthpiece itself is made out of glass, which is a great feature for comfort and preserving flavor. 

Who is the XVape Cricket+ for?

The Cricket Plus is an incredible vaporizer for beginners interested in making their first forays into the world of dab pens. It is affordable but still reliable and capable of producing a respectable vape experience. On top of this, it is also simple and straightforward to use, offering beginners a low skill curve to explore as they get used to dab pens. 

Who is the XVape Cricket+ not for?

More experienced concentrate vapers will find that the XVape is too bare bones and basic to suit their tastes. On top of this, some beginner vapers may find that the Cricket Plus leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to maintenance. It requires a significant amount of forethought and gentle handling that some newer vape users may not be aware of. 

Compare with other products

XVape Avant

The XVape Avant is one of the most obvious comparisons to this device as they both target more budget conscious beginner vapers. Unlike the Cricket Plus, the Avant is designed for specially thinned liquid concentrates. This adds another layer of beginner friendliness, as these materials are similar in design and function to e-cigarette e-liquids. 

The Avant has practically no heat up time, instead, it produces vapor instantly upon draw activation. 

What is in the box

  • 1 x XVAPE Cricket Vaporizer Pen
  • 1 x Dab tool
  • 1 x USB Charger

Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heating system


Chamber Capacity


Battery length

1 hour

Charging time

90 Minutes

Auto shut off:





4" x 0.11"

Temperature settings



The Cricket Plus has a 90 Day Warranty.

Staff review

The XVape Cricket Plus is a very straightforward vaporizer. Most of my experience is with dry herb vapes, but what little knowledge I have of concentrate vapes was more than enough to get to grips with the Cricket Plus. 

The main stand out feature to me was the magnetic mouthpiece. It's very nice to have a 

budget vape that doesn't force you to contend with fiddly threads. The heat-up time is fairly quick, however, I would have liked some amount of control over the temperature of my vapor, as the Cricket Plus was a little too high for me. 

Overall, this is a pretty solid device, and if I was on a serious budget, I would definitely consider picking it up. 

What Materials Can I Use With The XVape Plus Cricket?

The X Vape Plus can be used with oil style concentrates and some of the more viscous wax-type concentrates. Be wary of anything too heavy-grade, as this can clog the atomizer. 

How Long Does the XVape Cricket Plus Take To Recharge?

When it runs down, the Cricket Plus can be recharged very quickly, in around one hour. It is important to avoid overcharging this device, as it can damage the battery. 

What Type of Vaping System Does the XVape Cricket Plus use?

The Cricket Plus uses an atomizer heating system to vaporize its materials. 

How do I Charge my XVape Cricket Plus Battery?

The XVape comes bundled with a compact USB micro charger that connects to the end of the base and can be plugged into a USB output. 

What is the Heating Time on The XVape Cricket??

The XVape Cricket Plus reaches vaping temperatures in around 20 seconds. 

XVape Cricket+

XVape Cricket+