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XVape V-One + Vaporizer

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Introduction to the XVAPE V-One+

XVape makes terrific portable ceramic wax pens, and the V-One 2.0 is an example of a portable vape that forged ahead with an innovative design and powerful hardware that produced stunning plumes of vapor, making it a hot seller almost instantly. But in this industry, growth is key, and Xvape knew that updates and streamlining of the design could pay off big. That’s where the XVape V-One+ comes in. 

The XVape V-One+ adds a secret compartment at the bottom of the battery where your concentrate can be stored. There is also no plastic or silicon in the inner machinery of this vape, which is constructed with titanium, ceramic, and borosilicate glass.

There is also ceramic wax atomizer compatibility with the Xmax V One Atomizer, as well as with another great vape, the Pulsar Sirius Plus, thanks to the glass splatter guard mouthpiece.

All in all, this is a great vape, and an extremely aesthetically pleasing one at that. Let’s get into some more details about this v2 max pen so that you, an interested reader, can see what this vape one can do for you. 

How To Use XVAPE V-One +

1. How To Operate XVape V-One +

First, you will want to take off the mouthpiece of the XVape V-One+ to see the heating hardware. With the dab tool provided, put a modest amount of concentrate or aromatherapy oils into a heating hardware bowl, then put the mouthpiece back on the vape. 

From here, you will want to click the on button 5 times in succession to turn the device on. This is the same way you will shut the device off. Upon turning it on, the LED light will flash 3 times to let you know it is on and functional.

Now you’re ready to use your vape. Hold the button down and inhale slowly from the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapors. Voila!

If the device is low power, the LED light will flash in succession for about 10 times, and the device will shut itself off. This is not true the rest of the time though, your device only shuts off if you shut it off, so make sure to do so after your sessions. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Be sure to clean your V-One Plus regularly, as buildup and dirt will definitely affect vapor quality over time. 

You may also want to give your vape some “breaks,” in terms of temperature. Overdoing it on the hottest settings is bad for the vape over time, so go easy on the sessions to ensure the vape is getting enough of a breather.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

You will need to clean your vape and its included hardware on a regular basis, maybe once every few weeks. To clean the heating coil, make sure the device is turned off.

Then, unscrew your V-One Plus heating coil from the vape’s base. From here, you can use a dampened cotton swab with some alcohol to clean the mouthpiece and the inside of the heating coil. Alternatively, you can submerge both the mouthpiece and the heating coil into isopropyl alcohol. 

Either way, allow ample time for the mouthpiece and the coils to dry. If you are pressed for time, thoroughly wipe down both the mouthpiece and the coils with a dry wash cloth. 

Do NOT submerge the battery in liquid of any sort. Always remove the V-One + battery prior to cleaning of any sort. 


With a sleek design that is big on simplicity, elegance, and parts that will never become riddled with the unlikable scent of burnt flower or heated silicon, the V One Plus is a vape that is made for anyone who likes their vape equipment to have style and class. 

The feel of this vape is hefty. It feels like it is made with high quality parts, and the clouds you get from this vape are reliably fluffy and solid. Thanks to the lack of plastic in this vape’s hardware, users will be thankful that they can never taste that burnt plastic flavor that afflicts so many of these portable vapes. 

Pass through charging is a plus, as is the ease of cleaning. Xvape ensures a vaping experience that gives you a laid back, casual feeling, while also showing that you have taste as a consumer (did we mention the design?). 

Temperature settings

This vape heats up in a small range of temperatures, from 662°F – 680°F. However, longer sessions can see the atomizer heating up enough for temperatures up to the 800° zone.

The longer you hold down the power button while you vape, the hotter it will become. Extended sessions of up to 20 seconds will demonstrate the full power and functionality of this vape. 

The ceramic coil is identical to the predecessor V-One, and can be used with the XMax V One ceramic donut atomizer. 

Battery & Power

This battery is 1500 mAh, and is charged via USB cable. Pass through charging is allowed. 

Wax Compartment and Compatibility

At Namaste we love the compartment at the bottom of the vape itself, for wax concentrate on the go. We applaud Xvape for this feature, and we are sure it will have the desired effect, attracting customers of all kinds. 

We also really like the borosilicate mouthpiece, which is compatible with the Pulsar Sirius Plus, making this a vape with value added to it that you would not have expected. The ceramic wax atomizer is also compatible with the XMax Donut Coil as well. 

Who is the XVAPE V-One+ for?

This vape could truly be for anyone, but it is a great starter vape for those new to concentrates. It has the little compartment at the bottom to load your wax, which we can all agree is pretty great. And it is a fun, simple vape to use, and it can go anywhere. Plus, it looks great. 

Who is the XVAPE V-One+ not for?

The XVape V-1 plus is decidedly not for seasoned users who revel in options and complex, sophisticated vapes. In terms of technological prowess, the V One Plus does not exactly reinvent the wheel. And that is ok! But some advanced users just will not feel juiced by this vape. 

What is in the box

  •  Battery
  •  Atomizer
  •  Donut Wax Coil
  •  Dab tool
  •  Micro USB Charger
  •  User manual 

Tech Specs

Compatible with:


Heating system


Battery Low

LED Lights Flash 5 times


1500 mAh

Charging time

6 hours before first use

Auto shut off:





Height: 120mm, Diameter: 19mm

Temperature settings

662°F – 680°F


Be sure to check the coil before use, as once it is used it is officially out of warranty. 

Warranty begins on the product on the day of purchase, and is extended for 6 months. Warranties repair defects or swap it out for a new vape. 

Staff review

I will tell you as part of the Namaste staff that when I saw this vape, I was immediately struck by it. I love the design, the sleekness of it, the weight to it, and the clever idea to put a compartment for my concentrates.

To me, this was the finishing touch, as sometimes the simplest conveniences can make a product really pop. 

This vape is great for beginners, and its simplicity and relative “classic” vibe with its very easy setup and no-nonsense presets. Some of us out there really are a sucker for the aesthetic!

And hey, it comes in 2 colors, so that gives it even more appeal, in my view. I like this vape a lot. I recommend it to any beginner, but I think regular users would enjoy it too.

Insider tips 

Q1. Will this v pen smell?

No plastic is used, so this vape is far less likely to smell off putting.

Q2. How much of a session can I get with the battery? 

You can get an extended session time of 20 seconds with 1500 mAh battery. 

Q3. Can I use the coils with the Pulsar Sirius Plus? 

Yes, indeed you can! 

XVape V-One + Vaporizer

XVape V-One + Vaporizer